What size amp do i need for 2 15 inch subs?

The need for a powerful amp is essential when it comes to getting the most out of your subs. But, what size amp do you need for 2 15 inch subs? In this blog post we will cover three different situations and talk about how much power they would require in order to get the best sound quality possible.

There are many factors that go into determining an amp’s power rating and not all amplifiers with high ratings will be able to handle two 15 inch subs. This is due to the fact that some amps have a max wattage output while others can produce higher wattages but only at certain frequencies.

This AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 amp good for 2 15 inch subs.

What size amps should you get for a 2 15-inch subwoofer?

If you have 2 15 inch subs, then that means that each subwoofer requires 500 watts at a minimum. For the best sound quality you would want to get an amplifier that has sufficient power to drive both of your subs, so something upwards of ~1000 watts or more would be ideal.

What are some good amps for driving 2 15″ subs?

For suggesting what are some good amps I cannot really provide one specific brand/model because there are many factors when it comes down to finding the right amp. So here is what you need to do: Take note on how much RMS power your car can handle in terms of output voltage (Voltage range in which your head unit will work with).

This could be anywhere from 12 volts – 14.4 volts (some cars are higher). Then find out the RMS power that your subs need to work at their optimal range (usually between ~150 watts up to about 1000 watts RMS). Once you have this information, there are many car amps in different price ranges that will fit your situation.

There is no specific brand or model I can suggest here because every subwoofer has a different sensitivity rating and what works for one subwoofer may not necessarily work for another subwoofer.

How many watts do you need for a 15 inch sub?

For the power that you will require for a 15 inch sub, there is no recommended number. The amount of power that you need depends on the type of sound quality that you want to achieve and how much money you are looking to spend.

If you want to go with an extremely powerful amplifier (1000 watts), then this would be good if your car can handle it (look up your car’s specs). If not, then it may be better to find something smaller like an amp between 300 watts-600 watts RMS output.

An amp with at least 100 watts RMS per channel should work just fine for most people if they do not plan on cranking their subs very loud at all. Just note that more power.

Does subwoofer need to match speakers?

Yes, when it comes to matching your speakers with an amplifier you want to make sure that the speaker’s RMS power rating is equal or greater than what your amplifier can deliver.

For example: You have a 600 watt-1000 watt amplifier and you are looking to buy some 5 inch component speakers for the front of your car. The RMS power rating on these types of speakers is usually between 40 watts RMS up to about 100 watts RMS per speaker. So this type of setup would work just fine because they both have relatively similar Wattage ratings -100 watts for the component speakers and about 600 watts for the amp.

How do I match my amp to my subs?

To match your amp to your subs, you need to look at the RMS power that the subs will handle. For example: One subwoofer may be able to handle 200 watts RMS and another may be able to handle 400 watts RMS.

In this case, we would want to get an amplifier that has a minimum of 400 watts RMS output power. If not, then get one with at least 200 watts because it is better for your amp not to put out more power than what the subs can actually take in.

If you have 2 subs that can each take 100 watts RMS each, then you would want a 600 watt-1000 watt amplifier so they both get the maximum bass impact from being driven.


The size of a subwoofer amp you need is dependent on the type and number of subs, as well as your vehicle’s electrical system. If you have 2 15-inch speakers in an enclosed space, for example, it would be best to get a 1500 watt amplifier. In order to find out how much power output is needed for different types of vehicles, please take a look at this article from our blog that goes into detail about what amps are suitable for which car or truck models.

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