What size amp do I need for 2 10 inch subs?

If you are looking for an amp that can handle 2 10 inch subs, then this blog post is for you. We will show fosi amp and how they perform with two 10 inch subwoofers. Lots of amps are available on the market & There are many amps to choose from, but we narrowed it down to one of our favorites: The Fosi Audio TB10A is perfect amp for your car audio system.

This Fosi Audio TB10A amp good for 2 10 inch subs.

What size amplifier should you get for a 2 10-inch subwoofer?

Let’s say you have two 10″ sub woofers that can take 300 watts RMS each and want to put a 600 watt amplifier on them. Is this too much power for those subs?

That will not be enough power to properly drive those subs to their full potential. That would only give you 200 watts for each sub, which is lower than what they should receive.

In order to achieve maximum performance out of your subs, you should look for an amplifier that will output at least 1200 watts RMS per subwoofer . To make a mathematically easy example, let’s say that once again we have 2 10’s with a max rating of 300w RMS x2 = 600w . In order to get the most out of these subs we would want to get an amp that gives us at least 1200watts RMS . That would be a good match for your subs, and any more power than 1200 watts RMS per sub is considered by most people to be excessive.

In short, you will need an amplifier with a minimum of [at least] 4 times the RMS of your subs.

How many watts does a 10 inch sub need?

10″ subs need at least 300 watts RMS/per sub.

How much power is needed to run 2 10 inch subs?

At least 600 watts RMS.

How much power will 2 10 inch subs handle?

2 10″ subs can handle at least 600 watts RMS each.

2 10″ woofers would like to see an amplifier capable of [at least] 1200 watts RMS . Remember, when it comes down to subs, there is no such thing as too much power!

To give your subs the most power they would like to see an amplifier that can at least handle [at least] 4 times their RMS. If you were looking to run 2 10″ subs which need 300 watts RMS each then you would want an amp that at least has an RMS of 1200 watts.

Choosing The Right Subwoofer Amplifier

You can use this handy calculator to see how much power your subs would like to see that are rated in RMS. Simply enter the ohms and the RMS wattage of your sub and it will calculate the ideal amount of power for your subwoofer(s).

Subwoofer Power Calculator

Enter ohms and RMS power to calculate ideal power for subwoofer(s): Ohms: (example: 4) Ω Enter 0 if not listed RMS Power : (example: 100) watts.

Can you run 2 subs on a 1 channel amp?

Yes you can! You will need to split your signal into the 1 channel amp. A simple way to do this is by using an RCA Y-Adapter. This adapter has two male endpoints and splits the input into two signals that can be used on most amps with one or more channels for powering subs. Of course, there are better ways of doing this such as using an amplifier that has 2 or more channels, but for simplicity sake this will work just fine.

2 on 1 channel?

Yes, you can run 2 subs with 1 channel.

You will need to split the signal though. A Y-Adapter is convenient for this.

Will a 750 watt amp push 2 10 inch subs?

That is not enough power to properly drive those subs to their full potential. Those subs would like to see at least 1200 watts RMS and 750 watts RMS is only 50% of that!

You will need at least 1200-1500watts RMS.

If you were looking to run 2 10″ subs which need 300 watts RMS each then you would want an amp that at least has an RMS of 1200 watts.

Yes, but not enough power for those subs and they will likely receive damage due to the lack of power.

Are 2 10 inch subs loud?

Yes they are loud!

Yes, they are louder than most people realize.

They are loud enough when matched with the correct equipment. A proper match would be at least 1200 watts RMS.

Are 10 or 12 subs better?

12 subs are usually better than 10.

10″ subs can sound similar to 12″ subs if the enclosure is ported correctly, but in general; yes, 12 subs will be superior to 10.

It really depends on preference and application. They both have their uses depending on what you need them for. Yes, they are usually louder, but one is not better than the other.

Is a 10 inch subwoofer enough?

That depends on your application and needs.

A 10 inch sub is enough for some applications, but not necessarily the best choice. If you only need to use it every now and then then a 10 inch will do just fine. However, if you plan to use it often or for heavy usage you may want to look at getting something larger with more power. No, they are not ideal for heavy usage or when being heavily used.

Do 10 inch subs have enough bass?

That depends on your needs and application. Yes, depending on the type of music you listen to and what the applications will be, a 10″ sub can have plenty of bass!

Are 10 inch subs worth it?

In general they are. They can be a good option for certain applications or people with limitations on the amount of space they have to work with.

10″ subs are definitely worth it! They can definitely give you a great sounding system whether in your car, truck, boat, etc. They have their place and most people will be happy with them. 10 inch subs are actually pretty common and can sound very good in the right setup. It really depends on application and preference but they definitely have their place! Yes, they absolutely are worth it!


When you’re ready to buy your next amp, be sure it’s the right size for your subwoofers. I hope this article has given you a good place to start when trying to figure out what size amplifier will work best with two 10 inch subs.

We recommend looking at amps that are rated higher than the RMS power of each sub so they can both get enough juice and keep playing loud music without distortion! Good luck on finding the perfect amp for your car audio system.

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