Best Budget Rear View Camera For Car of 2024

Reversing your car without bumping it into anything is always a bit difficult, no matter if you are driving with your learner’s permit or considered as an experienced driver with many years of on-road experience.

To avoid scratching and denting you need to invest in the best rear view camera for car now! To ensure you can have a satisfying shopping experience, next 5 best and popular options along with a buying guide have been mentioned. So, do read on to know more.

List of Budget Best Rear View Camera For Car

#1. HD eRapta ERT01 Rear View Camera

HD eRapta ERT01 camera is one of the best rear view camera for car. It will be wired to your car’s license plate and is compatible with many different types of vehicles including Sedan and Minivan. With this backup camera you have to consider only 12-24 Voltage DC power. It is considered as a user-friendly device as it will work well other devices like DVD player, monitor, and radio as long as they have RCA connector.

Using it during nigh-time will not be a problem as it can provide crystal clear images even in night vision mode, all thanks to the 6 glass lens. Besides, it also comes with the advantage of 100% updated chip and True Color Reproduction features.

Key Features:

  • The dimension of this rear view camera is only 9.4x1x1.3 inches (LxWxH), making it compact.
  • It is lightweight, weighing only 2.88 ounces.
  • It comes with video (26ft RCA) and power cable.
  • The video capture resolution is 720p.
  • It is waterproof (IP69 Waterproof Level).

#2. WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam Rear View Camera

The lens which is of 500 Megapixel can offer crystal clear display and images that helps you to navigate your vehicle effectively. You can view the recording in a curved display screen (11.66 inches). However, the best thing of this device is that it is a front (170�) and rear (140�) lens containing camera along with ultra wide view. So, as a result, you will be benefited with dual display on the screen.

Some of the other major advantageous features of this backup camera are loop recording, adjustable display view angle, video time lapse, parking monitoring, streaming media rear view and more. It can stream the image in the rear-view mirror of the car, making it a must-buy.

Key Features:

  • The dimension of this compact rear view camera is only 11.85×2.83×0.71 inches (LxWxH).
  • The weight of it is around 1.9 pounds, making it lightweight.
  • It comes with external GPS antenna.
  • The car charger is 11 feet in length, making it convenient to use.
  • It comes with a free 32GB TF Card.

#3. AUTO-VOX CS-2 Rear View Camera

The best feature of this rear view camera is that it supports both mirror and normal image. With 110 � range, it can provide an extended wide view. The images will be crystal clear, thanks to a 0.1 low lumen addition. You can attach it to your car’s license plate with the help of the double-sided adhesive present.

Usually, many car owners invest in this type of camera for effective parking process. The 6 adjustable parking lines, you won’t face any issues. This easy to set up camera comes with build-in transmitter and features stable digital signal transmission.

Key Features:

  • The dimension of this best rear view camera for car is 4.5×0.5×3.4 inches (LxWxH).
  • This device is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 1.08 pounds.
  • It comes with a wireless display feature.
  • It is backed up by IP68 waterproof standard.
  • The items included with the camera and the monitor are straps and clamps, power adapter (5.08ft), car charger (12ft), mount, and user manual.

#4. DoHonest V29 Rear View Camera

Avoid bumping your car which backing it up with the camera’s 150 golden angle that provides extended view for effective maneuvering of the vehicle. It is compatible with many different vehicles including SUVs and Trucks. It comes with stable digital signal transmission which ensures proper visibility and no distortion issues.

You can expect crystal clear images as it comes with a 6 glass lens. Some other advantageous features of this good rear view camera for car are night vision function, updated chip, True Color reproduction, and addition of image flip. This device is waterproof in nature with IP69 waterproof level.

Key Features:

  • The dimension of this compact rear view camera is 8.98×6.02×3.31 inches (LxWxH).
  • This lightweight device is only 1.54 pounds in weight.
  • The video capture resolution is 1080p.
  • The monitor screen is available in 3 sizes (4.3, 5, 7 inches).
  • It comes with a wireless display feature.

#5. AMTIFO A1 Rear View Camera

This easy to install rear view camera has a mirror screen that is 4.3 inches that comes with features like reset, language, tint, saturation, contrast, and brightness. This display screen can be viewed with guide lines. It is possible to turn off them with the help of the button provided on the monitor. However, the best feature is feature which allows you to switch front and rear view.

You can get great visibility with this backup camera because of its 150 � viewing angle along with 7 different LED lights. The image will be crystal clear because of video capture resolution in this device is 1080p.

Key Features:

  • This rear view camera is compact in design.
  • This lightweight camera weights 1.34 pounds only.
  • It is easy mount to the rear view mirror with the provided extendable clips.
  • It is IP69 waterproof.
  • It comes with great customer care services like free tech support, 2-year warranty, replacement service, and more.

Buying Guide: Rear View Camera For Car

Let’s discuss the things to consider when selecting the best rear view camera for car:

  • Night Vision

When selecting this type of device, pay attention to the night vision features to ensure you can effectively use the camera no matter what time of day it is or what the weather condition is like.

  • Viewing angle

You want the maximum visibility from the chosen backup camera so that you can park and/or maneuver your vehicle effectively with its assistance. Try to find one with a viewing angle more than 120 � viewing range for proper/desired visibility.

  • Monitor

You have to take into consideration the monitor as you will get the image on it only. So, ensure that it can provide a crystal clear image before investing in the rare view camera. A monitor size from 4 to 7 inches is ideal for all car owners.

  • Warranty and Guarantee

One of the easiest ways to pick the best from the many options available is by checking what type of customer care services and warranty/guarantee the camera is offering. You can get an idea about the longevity of a product by analyzing the warranty or guarantee it has to offer.


There you have it; these were not only the best rear view camera for car reviews, but also the things to consider when buying such a device. With the information provided above, hopefully, now you can select the right backup camera for your particular car. You can go anyone of the model mentioned in the list or conduct your own research to find one that suits your preferences, needs, and budget to the teeth.

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