[TOP 6] Best Trail Camera Under 50 of 2021

If you are looking for an inexpensive trail camera for outdoor activities like scouting, hunting, and monitoring, etc then you can find a number of them in the market. A trail camera can last up to 8-10 months depending upon the life of its batteries. You can extend the life of your trial camera by you can use wireless technology and high-quality lithium batteries and avoid using its video mode frequently. So, by changing the set of batteries of your camera you can easily use it for at least ten months.

Our reviews of the best trail camera under 50 show you everything & Also we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you better understand these devices. So let’s check our list of top six good trail cameras to help you make the right choice quickly.

The Best Trail Camera Under 50 Reviews

1) Vikeri Trail Camera 1080P 16MP Super Infrared Night Vision

This Vikeri trail camera can capture clearly audible videos and vibrant images and allows you to watch wildlife closely on its LCD color screen. It has been made durable by using heavy-duty and waterproof materials. It can capture images at night from a distance up to 25 meters with its high-speed lens without being detected by animals.

Main Features

  • 1080P Video and 16 Megapixel Image
  • 0.2s Trigger Time, 3 Continuous Shots
  • 2.4″ Color Huge LCD Screen
  • Easy Intuitive Setup and Use
  • Ultra-High Concealment and 180days Standby Time
  • Advanced Super Infrared Night Vision

2) TOGUARD Trail Camera 16MP Full HD 1080P Video

This Toguard trail camera can capture HD quality clear and crisp images and videos at any time. It can detect the movement of animals and capture them during the day as well as night. It can capture the images of the movement of animals fast and accurately for up to 8 months. It can detect the movement of animals up to 120 degrees to get excellent images even at night. It is made of waterproof and dustproof materials to use it in any weather condition.

Main Features

  • Full HD 1080P Video & 16MP Image to capture crystal clear images and videos
  • 0.5S Fast Trigger Speed to capture exciting moments even at night
  • 75FT/22M Super Night Vision to capture images at night without a flash
  • Hunting and wildlife monitoring
  • Home and farm security

3) OUDMON Trail Game Camera 2.4inches LCD

This Oudmon trail camera can be used to shoot HD quality crisp images and audible videos and can be viewed with realistic details on its LCD screen. It can record and shoot images quietly even in the dark without disturbing animals. It senses humans, as well as animals, from up to 90 feet for taking images or shooting videos.

Main Features

  • Record Video with Sound to know the behavior of animals
  • Easy to Hide When Used Outdoors to shoot without being noticed
  • No False Triggers to detect movement at a distance
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • 2.4inches LCD to view videos without PC
  • Power Supply through 8 lithium AA or alkaline AA batteries

4) WOSPORTS Trail Camera Mini and Portable

The sensor in this wosports trail camera allows you to detect and capture the movement of wildlife. It can detect animals from a distance of up to 65 feet in any background. Its smaller size allows you to carry it anywhere for any purpose including monitoring and hunting etc. It can be operated easily for any type of outdoor activities including the security of property as well as monitoring wildlife.

Main Features

  • High Resolution to capture vibrant videos and images anytime
  • Mini and Portable to carry anywhere easily
  • Super Night Vision to capture images of animals at night without scaring them
  • Courtyard and farm monitoring
  • Wildlife monitoring and hunting
  • Observation of the plant’s growth
  • Home and garage security

5) Victure Trail Game Camera 16MP Advanced Night Vision

This Victure trail camera allows you to shoot videos and capture images during the day as well as night with the help of sensors provided in it. It can take three shots continuously to capture the movements of the animals. It includes the theology of infrared low-glow to capture high-quality images at night in black and white without alerting animals. Its LCD screen allows you to watch the images and videos shot by you without using a PC.

Main Features

  • Outstanding Photo Resolution to capture crisp images anytime
  • Advanced Night Vision to capture an image of animals at night without disturbing them
  • Ultra-High Concealment to work without being noticed
  • Huge LCD Screen for watching images completely
  • Excellent Video Resolution to capture crystal clear pictures
  • Clear Recording Function for recording surrounding sounds clearly

6) AKASO Trail Game Camera 1080P 120 degree Wide View

This Akaso camera can provide you clear, crisp, and detailed images and videos in the day as well as at night. It captures images of the movement of animals from a distance of up to 20 meters. It can be used to record smooth videos and steady images of animals without entering into their range of detecting humans.

Main Features

  • 0.4S Fast speed of the trigger to catch every action
  • Clearer View to capture pictures with sharp details
  • 120 degree Wide View to capture picture f wider field
  • Super Night Vision to capture pictures of wildlife even at night
  • Home Security to detect all activities
  • Farm Monitoring to prevent the entry of stray animals or strangers

Buying Guide: Trail Camera Under $50?

While buying the best trail camera under 50 dollars you should consider a few things like:

Level of waterproof: If you want to use your trail camera outdoors then it must be fully waterproof so that you can use it in any season without damaging it.

Resolution: You should check the resolution of your trail camera if you want to capture high-quality videos and images through it. The resolution of your camera must be enough to allow you to capture crystal clear and smooth images.

Night vision and sensitivity: The sensors of your trial camera should allow you to sense the movement of animals from a reasonable distance even at night. Its night vision feature should be able to capture images in low light or dark conditions.

Other features: It should be easy to use, built strong, and versatile.


We hope you found value in our reviews for the best trail camera under 50 dollars and make a great decision to buying the most suitable one for you. To use this camera for outdoor activities you should focus on the materials used in it and the level of its waterproof so that you can use it in any season.

If you haven’t yet found a good trail camera, you should buy with our top picking camera – Vikeri Trail Camera or TOGUARD Trail Camera

We wish you the best of luck in your new purchase.

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