Best Budget Motorcycle Boots Under $100 of 2024

The market is filled with motorcycle boots that look great. However, appearance shouldn’t be one of the main criteria when choosing a motorcycle accessory. Instead, you should make your choice depending on factors like how much comfort or protection the boots offer, whether the pair is durable, and more.

You may feel that if you are looking to buy lightweight budget motorcycle boots that will not burn your pocket, you might need to compromise on certain things. However, our discussion on the best motorcycle boots under 100 dollars will change your idea completely.

Best Motorcycle Boots Under $100 on the Market

#1. Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Joe Rocket Boots

Joe Rocket Boot is one of the best motorcycle boots under $100. The Joe Rocket 1377-0012 ballistic Touring Boots will impress you the moment you will wear them. This is primarily because of the boots’ articulated ankle area, which will offer you the utmost comfort when riding.

For increasing your feet’s mobility even further, the makers have also added a low-profile toe box.The boots are highly sturdy and water-resistant, which means you will be able to use them irrespective of the circumstances you are riding in.

Key Features

  • Every stress area of the boots feature double stitches
  • Comes equipped with internally reinforced heel, toe, ankle, and shin
  • Big side entry will allow you to wear the boots without much effort
  • Features reflective side and back panels
  • Boasts highly durable synthetic leather body

#2. Bruno Marc Combat Oxford Motorcycle Boots

Bruno Marc Motorcycle Boots

Bruno Marc Boot is the best budget motorcycle boots. If you want to look good in your motorcycle boots but don’t want to go beyond your budget, this one is the product you should grab.

The upper portion of the boots features a layer of faux leather, which enhances the unit’s traditional round-toe make even further. On the boots’ exterior, there’s a stylish and decorative buckle; to make the look perfect, the makers have also added a zipper closure.

You will find the footbeds of the Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots pretty comfortable thanks to their cushioned lining.

Key Features

  • Features zipper closures and side buckles
  • Comes with 1-inch high heels
  • Platform measures around 0.5 inch
  • Features a non-skid outsole that offers amazing traction
  • Highly flexible and comfortable

#3. RIDETECS 16″ Leather Motorcycle Boots for Men

RideTecs Motorcycle Boot

These RideTecs Motorcycle boots are the favorites of many riders primarily due to their durable construction. The manufacturers have designed this model for offering maximum endurance and withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Your feet will not get tiered even after riding for hours thanks to the comfort-cushioned insole of this RIDETECS product. The shoe’s oil-resistant outsole, on the other hand, will provide you with the much-needed protection from slipping and ensure that your feet don’t lose grip of the motorcycle.

Key Features

  • Made if high-quality leather and possess a classic look
  • Features high shafts that measure almost knee-high from the arch
  • The adjustable straps, split shaft, and buckle closures will allow you to enjoy a custom fit
  • Features a rubber sole

#4. TCX Men’s Motorcycle Waterproof Boots

Tcx Motorcycle Boots

Tcx Boot is one of the best waterproof motorcycle boots for men. TCX is known for adding advanced features to its touring products. These Men’s Motorcycle Boots from the company are no different.

The biggest highlight of the product is the manual technique used for shaping it. TCX has used manual molds for crafting these motorcycle boots and that allows the footwear to reproduce the anatomy of our feet easily the moment we sleep our feet into it. This, in turn, makes these shoes exceptionally comfortable. If you pick this pair, your feet will not get tired even after hours of riding.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and designed to withstand even the most adverse conditions
  • Features wear-resistant soles
  • Made using AIR TECH materials and suede leather
  • Features lacing system equipped with Velcro

#5. Milwaukee Men’s Throttle Motorcycle Boots

Milwaukee Motorcycle Boots

This one is the best milwaukee motorcycle boots. If you want your motorcycle boots to be comfortable, you can consider investing in this pair. The product has been constructed using state-of-the-art freedom Flex technology. This means you will not need even a day to get your feet adjusted with these boots.

The other prominent feature of the product is its non-skid, acid-resistant, oil-resistant tread. These features make it a perfect motorcycling boot irrespective of the weather conditions and the kind of terrain you will be riding in.

Key Features

  • The upper part of the boot is constructed using full grain leather
  • For the remaining parts the makers have used Freedom Flex materials
  • Comes equipped with double front zipper which makes wearing the boots extremely easy
  • Features non-marking, non-skid rubber outsoles

#6. Joe Rocket Meteor Motorcycle Riding Boot

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Boots

These are the best budget motorcycle riding boots. Joe Rocket has always made attractive products that catch the imagination of young sport-bike enthusiasts. The Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Boots are slightly different. They were designed targeting a much broader category of motorcyclists.

It is believed that motorcycle boots should feature a shaft height of at least 11 inches. However, there are many who prefer wearing footwear that covers just their ankle when motorcycling. According to these motorcyclists, an ankle-high shaft looks after both their safety and comfort. With a boot top that’s just around 7-inch high, the Meteor FX Mid Leather Motorcycle Boots are meant for these people.

Key Features

  • Boasts a split grain leather body
  • Double-stitch built make the boots extremely sturdy
  • Comes equipped with a gear shift protector made of rubber
  • Features Dry-Tech waterproof membranes
  • Internally reinforced heel, toe, and ankle

Buying Guide: Best Motorcycle Boots Under $100

When reading through a motorcycle boots article before placing your order, you must check the following.

Height: The product you buy should be at least ankle-high for providing you the required protection when riding.

Material: The material used for crafting the boot should be durable and hard-wearing. It would be good if you can opt for boots made using water-resistant materials. The soles, on the other hand, must be oil resistant.

Closures: You should be the one deciding what type of closures you find most comfortable. Some of the most common options are Velcro, zipped closures, laces, and buckles.

Construction: As you are shopping for motorcycle boots, you must ensure that the pair you are picking has a sturdy construction. You should opt for units that come with double-stitched or even triple-stitched parts.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Are Motorcycle Boots Comfortable?

Motorcycle boots will make riding more comfortable for you than ever before. They will protect your feet from possible injuries and will allow you to have a stronger grip on the footrests of your two-wheeler. When it’s extremely cold outside, these boots will ensure that your feet remain warm. They will also take care of your skin by repelling moisture and debris.

Can you wear work boots on a motorcycle?

The main issue with opting to wear work boots whilst riding your motorcycle is that with how work boots are designed, they will not provide adequate support for your ankle area whilst you are riding. There are also safety features in work boots, designed to combat injury at work, that could lead to further injury if you were to wear them on a motorcycle.

The prime example of this is that many work boots contain a metal toe protector, which is designed to protect your toes if anything were to drop off them. However, if you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, the metal could be damaged or bent, which could lead to a severe injury to your toes or feet. Any laces incorporated into your work boots design could become a safety hazard if they were to come loose whilst you are riding.

Are cowboy boots good for motorcycle riding?

The answer is dependant of the type of cowboy boots you desire to wear whilst you are on your motorcycle. While cowboy boots have a similarly designed heel to motorcycle boots, the sole of cowboy boots is often varied. Traditional cowboy boots are designed with leather soles, which are not appropriate to wear whilst you are on your motorcycle as your foot can easily slip across the pedal while you are riding.

There are however, alternative cowboy boots with rubber or ribbed soles which are perfectly safe for you to use whilst riding your motorcycle. In response to your question, are cowboy boots good for motorcycle riding? It heavily depends on the variant of cowboy boots that you own, boots with leather soles are strictly not advised.

Do you really need motorcycle boots?

Motorcycle boots are well known for being an expensive part of your protective kit when you are looking for motorcycle clothing and accessories to wear whilst you are riding your motorcycle. There are many people who make do with cheaper alternatives, that whilst they do the job, will not stand the test of time.

In the long run, investing in motorcycle boots is more cost-effective and provides you with additional levels of safety and security as they are designed to withstand serious road accidents. Purchasing motorcycle boots will ensure the safety of your feet and ankles whilst you are riding.

What is different about motorcycle boots?

Whilst motorcycle boots can aesthetically look very similar to both cowboy boots and work boots, they are specifically designed to protect your ankles and feet from severe and dangerous accidents on the road. All motorcycle boots have to go through rigorous product testing before they make it out onto shop shelves, so product manufacturers know for certain that their motorcycle boots will successfully limit the risks to riders suffering serious injuries.

Where cowboy boots are designed with slippery leather soles, motorcycle boots have deep ridges to ensure they will stay on your pedals whilst riding. And while work boots are designed specifically to ensure safety in the workplace, the safety features on motorcycle boots contrast as they are designed to ensure your safety on a motorcycle.


The pointers above must help you in picking the best motorcycle boots under $100. The only thing you must keep in mind before placing your order is that you are buying from a reputable retailer. That’s the only way of avoiding duplicate products.

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