Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders [2021]

For short people, it can be frightening to ride a bike as bikes are normally heavy and their seats can be high from the ground. So, for short riders, it cannot be easier to ride bikes unless they have something to increase their height. The introduction of boots for short riders has made it possible for short people with less than 5’5″ height to ride a motorcycle easily.

But it can be overwhelming to buy the best motorcycle boots for short riders as you can find a wide variety of these boots in the market. Some of the best short motorcycle boots are briefly reviewed in this article to help in choosing the most suitable boots for a short rider like you.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders Reviews

1. O’Neal Rider Shorty Motorcycle Boot

These unisex short rider boots are available from 7 to 15 sizes to choose from. These boots include plates made of injection-molded plastic to protect your feet from impacts. The shape of the boot is reinforced and supported by metal shank inserts. These boots have two buckles with adjustable snap-lock which can be operated easily.

Important features

  • Protection against impacts with plastic plates
  • Easy to operate buckles
  • Toe protection with metal guards
  • Comfort with cushioned insole
  • Air mesh interior

2. Men’s SMX-1 R Street Motorcycle Short Boot

These vented street motorcycle boots are available in various color combinations to choose from as per your liking. Their upper is made durable, abrasion-resistant, and comfortable by using advanced microfiber to make it. To provide adequate ventilation their toe panel and medial are perforated. They have a heel with a counter support system and strap closures to improve structural integrity, support, and fit. These riding boots are made comfortable ad fit with the help of the ergonomic shape of the forefoot.

Important features

  • Comfortable and durable main upper
  • Perforated toe panel and medial for ventilation
  • Heel counter support system for improve fit and support
  • Soft TPR insert for free movement of ankle
  • Ergonomic forefoot for comfort and fit

3. Joe Rocket Atomic Motorcycle Riding Boots for Men

These short riding boots are available in various color combinations and 7 to 13 sizes to choose from. They are made from 5% synthetic leather and 95% leather and all the stress areas are stitched doubly. Their low-profile toe box includes a reinforced shifter zone to keep your toes comfortable.

Important features

  • All stress areas doubly stitched
  • Leather construction
  • Reinforced shifter zone
  • Padded ankle cuff
  • Low profile toe box

4. FORMA Adventure Low Boots For Motorcycle

These brown unisex boots for short riders are available in US size 11 or European size 45. The quality of these boots with mid-height design is certified by CE. They are lined with breathable waterproof Drytex. By using anti-slip lightweight rubber soles with double density these boots are made lightweight. Ankles are protected by an interior made of molded TPU plastic.

Important features

  • CE certified quality boots
  • Breathable waterproof lining
  • Lightweight anti-slip rubber sole
  • Adjustable strap and Velcro closure
  • Mid sole with steel shank
  • Extra padding if soft polymer

5. Unisex-Adult Sport Bomber Fox Racing Motorcycle Boot

These black unisex boots for short riders are available in 10 to 13 sizes to choose from. These motorcycle boots have a low-cut design to provide them support and comfort throughout the day. For easy closure, they have an aluminum buckle that can be operated with a soft touch. Their medial guard is covered with a plastic shin plate.

Important features

  • Low-cut design
  • Support and comfort for entire day
  • Easy closure with soft touch aluminum buckles
  • Coverage with medial guard made of plastic plate
  • Added traction with large lug outsole

What is the difference between motorcycle boots and regular boots?

Motorcycle boots are derived from racing boots which can be used on a track as well as off-road but regular boots do not have this feature even if you buy them from a high-end brand. Motorcycle boots are designed as per the requirements of the rider so that he can wear them comfortably and without slipping throughout the day.

But you may not find features like built-in shifter pads, triple or double stitching in seams, and lace or buckles in regular walking shoes. Moreover, motorcycle boots are higher in price than regular boots.

Buying Guide: Motorcycle Boots For Short Riders

While buying motorcycle boots you must consider the following factors:

Price: Like most of the other things, you will get what you pay for. The price of motorcycle boots can be from $5 to $500. The highly-priced boots can be packed with the best features to make them more comfortable for riders.

Type of ride: You should also consider the type of your ride while buying these boots. The riding boots used for morning rides may not be suitable for motocross rides or off-road rides. Riding boots for rides in winter should be more comfortable and warmer than the boots used in summer.

Height of boots: The height of the motorcycle boots depends upon the purpose of your ride. Your boots should be tall if you are using them for sports or racing to protect your legs. But if you are using them in your daily routine or while riding with friends then short boots will be the right choice for you.

Construction of boots: Different types of materials are used to make riding boots including woolly, leather, plastics, etc. Along with the quality of materials, you should also focus on the quality of their sole and stitching.

Materials: The materials used in the riding boots should help you in achieving your goals. The leather used in these boots can allow you to use them for a long time.

Fitting: The boots you buy should fit you perfectly so that you can feel comfortable as long as you wear them. Wrongly sized boots will keep you uncomfortable even if you wear them for a short time.

Size of sole: The sole of the riding boots should be thick enough to protect your feet from any kind of injury while riding as well as racing.


Thus short riders should buy riding boots, specially designed for increasing their height, to make them feel comfortable as long as they are riding or racing on all types of terrains. You should consider all the tips discussed in this article to find the best motorcycle boots for short riders like you.

Our Recommendation For You – O’Neal Shorty Boot or FORMA Boot

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