Best Budget Indoor Motorcycle Covers of 2024

Every motorcycle user wants to keep his bike dry and safe but most of them cannot afford to have a garage for this purpose. In this situation, a soft indoor motorcycle cover can be an affordable way to ensure the safety of the bike in any weather condition.

But in the presence of a variety of cotton indoor motorcycle covers in the market, it can be difficult to find the best budget-friendly indoor motorcycle cover for your vehicle. We have a full buyer’s guide here to tell you about everything for choosing the most suitable indoor cover for your motorcycle.

List of 6 Best Budget Indoor Motorcycle Covers

1) Dowco Indoor Motorcycle Cover

This indoor cover for your motorcycle is made from breathable and waterproof fabric to protect your motorcycle from exposure to UV rays, rain, and mildew. It is lined with a heat shield to cover the pipes of your vehicle. On top, it is coated with water repellent materials.

It prevents build-ups of moisture under it with the help of a reflective moisture guard vent system used in it. It fits your motorcycle snugly with an elastic shock cord sewn at its bottom.

Important Features:

  • Breathable and waterproof cover
  • Made from durable polyester fabric with water repellent coating
  • Special vent system to prevent moisture build-ups under it
  • Elastic cord to a snug fit your motorcycle
  • Locks wheel with sewn-in eyelets
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2) Guardian 50003-07 Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This motorcycle cover protects your motorcycle from mildew, fading, and rain because it is made from breathable and waterproof fabric lined with a heat shield to cover the warm pipe of your vehicle.

The polyester fabric used in this cover is coated with water repellent and to protect the windshield soft cotton is used in it. The vent system used in it prevents the build-up of moisture under this cover. It snug fits most motorcycles due to the elastic shock cord sewn in its bottom. It can be transported easily in the storage bag provided with it.

Important Features:

  • Breathable and waterproof cover
  • Made from durable water repellent fabric
  • Prevents moisture build-ups under it
  • Fits snugly with an elastic shock cord
  • Includes compression storage bag for transportation

3) WinPower Indoor Motorcycle Cover For Protection

This motorcycle cover is made for motorcycles parked indoors to avoid their exposure to sand and fading elements and keep them clean and bright every time. The high-elastic polyester cloth used in it allows you to use it suitably on any motorcycle.

The strong elastic and stretchable velvet cloth used in this cover allows you to fit the body of motorcycles of any shape. The safety of this cover from strong winds has been ensured with reinforced security hooks. However, you should not use it in the rainy season as it is not waterproof.

Important Features:

  • Excellent protection from all elements indoors
  • Made from elastic fabric to fit most motorcycle brands
  • Resists wrinkles due to stretchable fabric used
  • Reinforced security hooks to ensure the safety of cover
  • Elastic, flexible, and waterproof cover

4) All Weather Protection Motorcycle Cover Dowco

This motorcycle cover is specially designed in all outdoor climates. It is made from breathable and waterproof fabric. It is lined with soft cotton to protect the windshield of your motorcycle. The vent system used in it prevents building up moisture under it. The eyelets sewed in it allow you to lock the wheel of your motorcycle.

Important Features:

  • All-weather protection outdoors
  • Breathable and waterproof
  • Windshield protection with soft cotton
  • Reflective moisture guard
  • Can be locked through the wheel with built-in eyelets

5) RaynCover Indoor and Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

This motorcycle cover is made from heavy-duty polyester lined with a waterproof layer coated with PU. It is locked with cloth cutouts to protect it from rusting. It is visible in the parking due to reflective strips and soft cotton lining inside protects your vehicle from scratches.

To cover the pipes of the motorcycle this cover is lined with heat-resistant fabric. Air vents in this cover prevent building up moisture inside it. It snug fits your motorcycle with the help of adjustable straps.

Important Features:

  • Double-stitched durable fabric
  • Snug fit to protect from rust
  • Breathable material
  • Visibility in dark
  • No leak waterproof construction

6) Soft Stretch Indoor Motorcycle Cover

The stretchable material used to make this motorcycle cover allows you to use it on most motorcycle brands including Kawasaki, Honda and Harley Davidson, etc. It protects your motorcycle from scratches because it is lined with extremely soft fleece. It can be used on vehicles kept indoors or in a garage.

Important Features:

  • Universal size
  • Stretchable material
  • Lined with extremely soft fleece
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Suitable for most bike brands

Do Motorcycle Covers Cause Rust?

Motorcycle covers usually protect your motorcycle from external elements like sun, water, and dirt, etc. For this reason, they are made waterproof. But that does not mean that they protect your motorcycle from inside moisture. When you cove your motorcycle with a waterproof cover then the moisture trapped underneath causes rust on your motorcycle.

Buying Guide: Budget Indoor Motorcycle Cover

While buying an indoor motorcycle cover you will have to look for several factors like:

The right size of the cover: While buying an indoor cover for your motorcycle the first thing you should consider is the size of the cover. The length, height, and width of the cover should match the dimension of your motorcycle.                                                                                                                                         

Type and weight of materials used: Different types of indoor motorcycle covers can be made from different types of materials including cotton, canvas, and polyester as well as soft, lightweight, heavy-duty and thick, etc.

Level of protection: The motorcycle cover you buy must protect your motorcycle from all weather conditions whether it is parked indoors or outdoors.

Prevention of theft and ensure security: The motorcycle cover you buy must ensure the security of your motorcycle not only from weather conditions but also from thieves and burglars.

Types of Enclosures: Motorcycle covers with different types of enclosures are available in the market like zipper enclosures and drawstrings etc. to choose from as per your requirements.


We hope we were able to bring you closer to finding the best budget indoor motorcycle cover. So, the reviews of some of the good indoor motorcycle covers, as well as the things to consider while buying a soft indoor motorcycle cover discussed in this article, can be helpful for you while deciding on buying the most suitable motorcycle cover for indoor.

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