Best Budget Arai Helmets For Motorcycle of 2024

Each of the helmets ensures the protection of your head even if you are not enjoying a ride. These Arai helmets are designed individually as a piece of art not only due to their designs but for the colors used on them. They use the best materials to make the best arai helmet to provide all-round protection to their users.

The Best Budget Arai Helmets For Motorcycle Reviews

#1. Arai XD4 Motorcycle Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet: This helmet has been made the best by Arai for the riders of dirt and street bikes due to its oval shape. Its shell includes vents to improve the flow of air inside it. Its aerodynamic design keeps you comfortable even while riding at a high speed.


  • Oval shape and exhaust ports for more comfort
  • Cowl vents on the larger side
  • System to release cheek pads in emergency
  • Fully replaceable and removable interior

#2. VX-Pro4 Nicky-7 Motorcycle Arai Helmet

Arai VX Pro 4 Nicky 7

Arai VX Pro 4 Nicky 7: This helmet has larger ports and a peak to allow the air to escape efficiently from its larger peak to relieve you even while pulling at speed or reducing the lift. The SS mesh provided in the vent on the chin can allow you to move the EPS liner to make more space for your face.


  • Colors of the material used are black and red
  • Interior is tri-colored
  • Removable strap and emergency pad on cheek
  • Pull the tab to operate strap easily

#3. Arai Quantum X Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Quantum X Helmet

Arai Quantum X Helmet: This helmet can be used easily and quickly due to its unique design. It is specially designed for street riders. It is made to keep you comfortable, stable, ventilated, and quiet. The best technique and materials are used in making this helmet and Yes it’s the best arai helmet for motorcycle.


  • Best in stability, comfort, and ventilation
  • Designed for street bike riders
  • Refined design to make it more adaptive
  • The shape of shell is made more functional
  • Round oval interior to fit all
  • Shield with Axis System to improve its shape

#4. XD4 Depart Motorcycle Arai Helmet

Arai XD4 Depart

Arai XD4 Depart: You can choose from three configurations of this helmet according to your needs. It is made comfortable with comfortable micro-fit pads on the cheeks and a liner on the head. Its interior is of intermediate-oval shape to improve its performance. The vents on the brow can improve the flow of air in your temple area. 


  • Three different configurations to choose from
  • Micro-fit cheek pads and headliner
  • Intermediate oval interior
  • Bright or fluorescent exterior finish

#5. Arai Quantum X Motorcycle Helmet

Arai Quantum X Helmet

Arai Quantum X Helmet: This helmet has been made comfortable and stable especially for street bikers. They have used their experience and expertise to make this helmet for racers. The shape of its shell allows everyone to use it. It is a feature-rich helmet with a variable protective mechanism of the Axis system.


  • Made for street bikers
  • The best in ventilation and stability
  • Comfortable shape of the shell
  • Variable protection of Axis System


The information provided in this article can help you in purchasing the best arai helmet to keep you safe while riding your motorcycle. You can find the best one for you by comparing the features of some of the good Arai Helmets available in the stores.

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