Best Budget Motorcycle Jacket Under $100 of 2024

If you are a riding enthusiast, wearing all the necessary gear before you can go out with your bike is a necessity. You don’t want a situation whereby you will find yourself involved in a mess simply because you neglected the right protection gear. Worry no more as we have compiled a list of the best motorcycle jacket under $100 that you should purchase.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to making the otherwise complicated process a bit easier for you. Here is our pick for the best budget motorcycle jacket this year.

Best Motorcycle Jacket Under $100 Reviews

#1.Touring Adventure Textile Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Hwk Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle riding jacket from HWK is one of the best options you have if at all you want to purchase a moto jacket worth the money. It has been designed with your riding needs in mind and here are some of the features it offers;

Important Feature:

  • All-Weather Adventure – You want a biker jacket that you can use anytime regardless of the season. The HWK moto leather jacket is designed in such a manner to keep you warm amid winter and cold amid summer.
  • Five years replacement warranty – If the jacket fails to deliver as claimed, you can return to the seller but within 5 years from the time of purchase.
  • Waterproof – The jacket does permit water in. It will keep you dry even when riding in the rain.
  • Maximum Quality at A Cheaper Price – This product from HWK is of high quality and won’t empty your pockets to afford one.

#2. Viking Cycle Enforcer Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Motorcycle Jacket

You are looking to purchase a good leather motorcycle jacket but at affordable pricing, right? Then why don’t you consider going for Viking Cycle Enforcer Motorcycle jacket For Men?Here are some of the things that you’ll love about it…

Key Features:

  • Multi-pocket – This biker jacket contains two external metal zippered side pockets that you can use to store your valuables while riding.
  • CE Approved – Comes fitted with safety paddings on the shoulders, spine, and elbow to protect you from injury in case of a crush.
  • Breathable & Inner Liner – It’s fitted with a cooling mesh to improve the flow of air.
  • Affordable – It’s a quality jacket that’s sold at an affordable pricing.
  • Lightweight – It’s light to the extent that you won’t even remember you are in your biker jacket.

#3. ScorpionExo XDR Yukon Motorcycle Touring Jacket

Scorpion Exo Motorcycle Jacket

This XDR Yukon motorcycle jacket is good for touring. Other than being stylish, this moto jacket from scorpionexo is one of the safest options you’ll come across in the market.

Important Features:

  • 9 External Safety Pockets – The ScorpionExo product comes with enough storage safe. Other than these external zippered pockets, it also features a hidden inner safety pocket where you can keep the most valuable items.
  • Reflective Material – you want to visible on the roads and this is exactly what this moto touring jacket offers you.
  • Comfort – It’s allegedly the best motorcycle adventure jacket as far as your comfort is considered – it’s lightweight and fits you just perfectly.
  • Available in All sizes – finding the best one for isn’t a big deal so long as you shop smartly.

#4. Milano Sport Gamma Touring Moto Jacket

Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket

This milano sport gamma jacket has a red accent which boosts your visibility on the roads. It’s allegedly the best choice for both aspiring as well as seasoned riders.

Key Features:

  • Detachable CE Approved armor – riding while protecting your shoulder, spine as well as the elbow.
  • Comes fitted with Detachable Thermal Liquid Liner.
  • Waterproof – Your Milano biker jacket will never let water in. It will keep your dry even when in rain.
  • Variety of Color – Milano Sport Gamma riding jacket is available in up to four colors. You should pick a color that fits your needs.

#5. Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Motorcycle Riding Jacket

Alpinestars Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket from alpinestars has been designed with your riding needs in mind and it’s a lightweight jacket for motorcycle.

Key Features:

  • Safety Pockets on either side – storing your valuables isn’t a big deal with this jacket.
  • Detachable long-sleeve thermal liner.
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Quality material
  • Affordable pricing

#6. Fieldsheer Hi-Pro Motorcycle Jacket For Men

Fieldsheer Motorcycle Jacket

This fieldsheer motorcycle jacket comes designed with bright colors to enhance your visibility on the road. Here are some of the notable jackets regarding the jacket.

Key Features:

  • Affordable Lightweight Motorcycle Jacket – the marketing price is relatively cheaper and so you won’t need to borrow debts to afford one.
  • Design to Suit Your Comfort Needs.
  • CE Approved
  • Removable liner for warmth.
  • Breathable waterproof membrane.

#7. Tourmaster Transition Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Tourmaster Motorcycle Jacket

This tourmaster motorcycle jacket are some of the amazing, waterproofing, and safest jackets on the market with the highest quality materials.

Key Features:

  • Extra comfort with action back rear.
  • Variety of colors available.
  • Comes in different styles.
  • Feels comfortable in the sense that it fits you perfectly and is not heavy.

Why you should purchase a motorcycle jacket?

Motorcycle jacket is one of the safety gear that you should have already bought by now if at all you own a bike. Some people tend to think that biker jackets are not good; however, here are some quick reasons as to why you should purchase a motorcycle jacket.

  • Motorcycle jackets make you visible on the road – These jackets are made from materials that reflect light or have bright colors and hence it easier for other road users to identify you thus minimizing chances of being involved in a crush.
  • Offers you protection – These jackets are designed in a way that they have soft paddings on the elbow, shoulders as well as the spine. You can be certain that you won’t experience as much pain and suffering as you would if you were to be involved in a crush without a proper motorcycle protective jacket. Other than that, such jackets protect you from wind, cold and rain.
  • Style – Wearing the best motorcycle jackets signifies your love and passion for motorbike. It distinguishes you from other reckless riders and makes you look smart as they are made from attractive materials.

Buying Guide: Best Motorcycle Jacket Under $100

Here are some of the key things to put into consideration when looking for the good motorcycle jackets….

1. Your Budget

Only go for whatever the jackets that fall with your spending plan. You should, however, compromise the quality while saving on the cost

2. Get Recommendations

Ask your close friends and/or relatives whether they have purchased a good motorcycle riding jacket in the past. If yes ask them…

– Where they bought?

– How much they incurred?

– How they have benefited from whatever they bought?

– Would they recommend the same to you?

3. Read Online Reviews

Various online platforms will post feedback from real people who have tried the biker jacket in question before. Reading such opinions will help make decisions easily

4. Consider the quality

All biker jackets are not designed from the same materials. Some are strong and durable while others will just last for a short while.

5. Color

Choose a jacket that features a bright color to enhance your visibility on the roads.

6. Size

Don’t buy too small or extra-large biking jackets if that, not your size. You want a jacket that will fit you perfectly and hence the need to consider your size.

Final Thought

Wearing a good motorcycle jacket is not meant for fun – It’s good if you are looking to ride safely. Biker moto jackets are designed with reflective materials to enhance your visibility on the roads. This minimizes the chances of being involved in a crush and thus protecting your precious life.

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