Best Budget Waterproof Jacket For Motorcycle [2024]

When summer is almost over and the rainy season and winter are about to come then it becomes important for the motorcyclists to buy some rain gear to protect them. Though they can find various types of rain gear in the market, A waterproof jacket for a motorcycle can be considered as the best gear for them.

It can protect them not only from the rain showers but also from the strong winds. Brief information provided in this article can help you to buy the best waterproof motorcycle jacket.

The Best Waterproof Jacket For Motorcycle

#1. Men’s Waterproof Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Pilot Motosport Jacket: On the elbows and shoulders of this waterproof jacket, there are overlay panels and removable PU armor, approved by CE, to make it strong and durable as well as disperse and absorb impact.

The length of its breathable and waterproof sleeves can be zipped-out. RESSA membrane in its sleeves keeps moisture out. It has a replaceable back pad and RedTab on attachment points and pockets to improve night visibility.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Designs
  • New Style jackets
  • Force Active Armor approved by CE
  • Focus on details
  • New Removable Membrane by REISSA
  • Compatible Chest Protector CORE
  • Rolled Collar made from Neoprene
  • Limited warranty for 2 years

#2. Elite 3 Rain Men’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Tourmaster Motorcycle Jacket: The outer shell of this waterproof jacket is made of heavy-duty nylon coated with PVC, the seepage in the collar is eliminated with Aqua-barrier under the helmet hood.

It is made comfortable and airy with a polyester mesh lining. It can be worn in riding clothes. It has large pockets inside to keep your things safe.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty waterproof nylon shell with PVC coating
  • Aqua-Barrier under-the-hood of helmet hood
  • Collar contoured lined with microfiber and adjustable VELCRO
  • The lining of Polyester mesh 
  • Map pocket on the Chest with a waterproof zipper
  • 3M reflective piping to improve visibility at night
  • Suitable to be worn over the riding clothes

#3. T-Jaws V2 Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars Motorcycle Jacket: The outer shell of this jacket is made from Poly fabric to make it lightweight and its critical areas are reinforced to make it more protective. It has a removable thermal lining, a comfort panel on the back, and a snap closure on the collar. The construction of sleeves is made pre-curved.

Key Features

  • Outer shell made of poly fabric
  • Removable liner
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable back panel
  • Sport collar
  • Sleeves constructed pre-curved

#4. PRO MESH & Leather Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Jackets 4 Bikes: The removable armor attached externally on the elbows and shoulders can provide additional security in the rainy season. The lining of Cordura and poly mesh can make it resistant to abrasion and breathable.

It is lined with removable waterproof lining and can be customized to make it superfit. Your night visibility is improved with reflective piping and tape.

Key Features

  • Armor attached elbows and shoulders
  • Abrasion-resistant durable materials
  • Removable lining
  • Customizable fitting
  • Reflective taps and piping on the back

#5. Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Textile Jacket Waterproof

Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0: The Joe Rocket is a stylish, yet functional waterproof motorcycle jacket that is sure to fit your needs. The jacket itself is available in basic black, but customers have the option to spice things up a bit by adding a splash of color on the shoulders and biceps for enhanced visibility and style.

This jacket is sure to provide you with the best of both worlds, as it boasts C.E. approved armor, as well as adequate ventilation to prevent you from heating up too much during summer rides.

Key Features

  • 12 different color options
  • C.E. approved armor
  • Waterproof material and zippers
  • 6-point SureFit adjustable
  • Insulated sleeve liner is removable

#6. Pilot Trans-Urban V2 Waterproof Jacket with Full Protection

Pilot Trans Urban Jacket V2: If you’re looking to revive the classic ski lift look, then this jacket is for you. This jacket is able to offer extra protection to the wearer, as it’s fitted with overlay panels on the shoulders and elbows. The Pilot Trans-Urban also boasts a breathable membrane that diverts moisture out and away from the body, without letting any additional water in.

In other words, sweat comes out, rain stays out. You’ll be dry as a bone on all of your rides, no matter the weather.

Key Features

  • 4 different styles
  • Breathable membrane keeps you cool
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Thermal warmth liner is removable
  • Impact absorbing armor in elbows and shoulders

#7. Jayefo Alpha Waterproof All Season Motorcycle Jacket

Jayefo Alpha Jacket: This streamlined fit is sure to turn heads on the blacktop when you come cruising in. The Jayefo Alpha-Cycle Jacket provides all of the same protection as the other products on this list, but without the additional bulk.

The base jacket may come in black, but it’s equipped with high visibility trim that will make your presence well-known to other motorists. These visibility enhancements are also color-customizable. This product is also equipped with a removable thermal layer, making the Jayefo Alpha-Cycle truly an all-season jacket.

Key Features

  • Fully adjustable
  • C.E. approved armor
  • Removable thermal lining
  • 4 different styles
  • Plenty of pocket space

#8. Oxford Men’s Riding Waterproof Jacket For Motorcycle

Oxford Montreal 3.0 Jacket: When it comes to style and versatility, the Oxford Men’s Riding Jacket is the product for you. This jacket is available in a wide range of sizes, starting with Small and going all the way up to 4X-Large.

It also boasts regulation armor padding in the elbows and shoulders, to ensure your protection in case of a fall or accident. The stitching is equipped with customizable reflective tape for added visibility on the road as well.

Key Features

  • 5 different styles
  • Reflective stickers for added visibility
  • Wide range of size options
  • C.E. approved armor
  • Bar-tack stitching

#9. Motorcycle Racing Waterproof Jacket For Men

Scoyco Jacket: This super waterproof jacket has been professionally designed for motorcyclists with responsible workmanship and its materials are selected very carefully.

It allows you to carry your items on your back and in the large pockets on the front. The size of hem for pants and of the back can be adjusted as required.

Key Features

  • Professionally designed
  • Supper waterproof
  • Responsible selection of material
  • Large inside pockets
  • Adjustable size

#10. ILM Moto Waterproof Jacket with Carbon Fiber Armor Shoulder

ILM Motorcycle Jackets: The first, and only, jacket on this list to offer both men’s and women’s cuts, the ILM Motorcycle Jacket is the pinnacle of safety and style.

The weatherproof technology makes this product ideal for both summer and winter rides, as it comes equipped with a thermal quilt liner that can be taken out at any time. There may only be one color option available, but it’s hard to complain when the style is still so sharp.

Key Features

  • Removable quilted thermal liner
  • Ventilation system keeps you cool in the summer
  • C.E. approved armor in elbows and spine
  • Reflective tape for added visibility
  • Optional armor to protect shoulders and kidneys

Who Should Buy a Motorcycle Waterproof Jacket?

A waterproof jacket for motorcycle is the best gear for the motorcyclists who ride their motorcycle regularly and frequently round the year regardless of the weather conditions. It will protect them not only from rain showers but also from the strong winds blowing along with rain.

Most of the waterproof jackets allow you to keep your belongings and important paper safe while driving in the rainy season as they have large pockets inside them for this purpose. So, serious motorcyclists should buy a waterproof motorcycle jacket.

Buying Guide: Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Now you have the list of the top rated waterproof jacket for motorcycle. Next, we will cover some factors that you should consider to make a smart decision. While buying a motorcycle jacket, you should always choose the one that combines quality material, advanced safety features, and maximum airflow.

A good waterproof jacket for a motorcycle can be the best rain gear for motorcyclists during the fall and winter seasons. But finding the good motorcycle jacket can be a bit confusing for you as you can find a wide variety of such jackets in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles in the market.

You can choose any material depending on your budget and preference. But make sure that the jacket is designed to offer sufficient ventilation. Get the one that comes with air vents. Also, the armor needs to be CE certified. You will have to ensure that there is CE certified armor on shoulders, elbows, back, and torso as well. The fitting needs to be contoured, and it should come with reflective strips to be seen at night.

Consider a few factors like:

Material: The most important factor to consider while buying a waterproof jacket for motorcycle is the materials used in it. These jackets are traditionally made from leather and textile but now hybrid materials are also used for this purpose. The performance of your jacket greatly depends on the material used in it.

Safety: The waterproof jackets can ensure the safety of the motorcyclists as accidents and collisions are very common in the rainy season. The shoulders and elbows of these jackets are integrated with protectors and armors to ensure your safety.

Comfort: The level of comfort of a waterproof jacket can be based on various factors like the fitting of the jacket, its overall weight

Additional features: Most of the waterproof jackets for motorcycles have various additional features like color, zippers, mesh membrane for ventilation, pockets, and removable thermal lining to make it more convenient and functional for the riders.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Motorcycle Jacket?

The cost will vary significantly depending on the material and manufacturer. You are going to spend more on leather. You can also consider textile and mesh jackets. Both these are a bit less expensive than the previous one. You can expect a good jacket at 100-200 dollars.

Do I need extra protection for my back?

No, this men’s motorcycle jacket will not support anything in the back.

Can it protect from a crash at high speed?

The protection options provided in this motorcycle jacket may not be able to completely protect you from crashes at high speed.

Can I wear this jacket on my motorcycle jacket?

Yes. You can wear your riding gear while wearing this jacket. When it comes to finding the best waterproof riding jacket for a motorcycle, there really is no one-size-fits-all. Each rider is an individual and thus has unique needs and requirements for their gear. That being said, there are still products out that manage to stand above the rest. No matter what your specific preferences are, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our list of top cool jackets.

Final Thoughts

Though buying the best waterproof motorcycle jacket may not be easy for you but the information provided in the article you can get a good waterproof jacket for a motorcycle with proper research.

First, know your budget and then narrow down your options to a few reliable names. Go through the features, benefits, and customer reviews, and then it will be easier for you to decide.

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