[TOP 6] Best Work Boots Under $50 of 2021

Work boots are useful at construction sites, and any other place where manual labor is required. There are different types and materials available for work boots, and their prices vary too.

You can choose an expensive pair, but you would be reluctant to use it just because of the price. No one would want to wear a pair of pricey boots and step into mud or water. So, it’s good to look for the best work boots under 50.

Best Work Boots Under $50 Reviews & Full Details

#1. TOSAFZXY Leather Men’s Cheapest Work Boots

These boots are the most comfortable cheapest work boot, lightweight, and made with composite fiber. It has a steel toe, that will protect you from any harm. You can safely wear these boots to work. You will get the best comfort wearing these.

Key Features

  • The boot has a slip-resistant outsole
  • It has a stylish design that makes it proper for different occasions.
  • It has an ASTM F2413-18 safety standard. There will be no current flow or leakage over 1.0 Ma.
  • The price of these men’s boots under $50.
  • You will get the anti-puncture feature and better comfort wearing these boots.

#2. Skechers 77055 Cankton Work Boot Under 50 Dollars

These boots have a steel toe, and it’s tested to meet the authority of ASTM F2413-2011 standard. The boot also offers ASTM F2413-2011 EH requirements. You will get benefits such as safety from electrical hazards, memory foam, and better comfort. There will be no current flow under dry conditions. Also, offer electrical safety even when the boot is wet.

Key Features

  • With this boot, you will get
  • Suede mesh
  • Synthetic sole
  • Relax fit
  • Electrical hazard-free built
  • Safe steel toe which can withhold any impact.

#3. Skechers Mariner Utility Men’s Work Boot Under $50

Skechers mariner is the best men’s work boots under $50. You will feel safer when you are on land or in the sea. This has an excellent tread design that will keep you standing on any surface. Also, it absorbs shock better than any Inexpensive Work Boots. It has a deep toe box that offers better comfort. This is also a lightweight boot that is best for worksites.

Key Features

  • The boot is made of 100% leather
  • You will get a sturdy rubber sole
  • Smooth leather upper
  • Has a lug outsole and padded collar
  • It’s a waterproof boot and compatible with worksites.
  • You will get a small heel.

#4. Skechers Burgin Tarlac Industrial Boot Under 50 Dollars

These boots are independently tested and certified to meet the authority standards of 1/75 C/75, ASTM F2413-2011. The steel safety toe will provide better support and protection. You can wear these boots on land and water both. It has better electric hazard safety with the Authority of ASTM F2413-2011 EH. It’s a lightweight boot, that will allow you to move freely.

Key Features

  • You will get a sturdy rubber sole
  • There are different color options available
  • There is memory foam installed inside the boots
  • It’s a lightweight work boot option
  • The boots are made of genuine leather.
  • These are waterproof boots but not for the entire day of in-water work.

#5. ORISTACO Safety Cheapest Work Boot For Men

Oristaco is the best cheapest work boot for men. If you are looking for a slip-resistant sole, then this is the best option. These are steel toe work boots and made of puncture-proof and nonmetal material. You can fit easily into the boots, and it will allow you to breathe easily.

Key Features

  • The boots offer perfect comfort and support
  • It’s best for people who work in construction sites, fishing, landscaping, agriculture, and ranching places.
  • There is a support of memory foam inside
  • The boots come with a supportive heel.
  • A padded collar is included

#6. SUADEX Steel Toe Work Boots Under 50

It’s a steel toe boot that protects feel from rolling objects. The boots are very comfortable and breathable. These are lightweight boots, so you can move flexibly. You will get a non-slip and lightweight show option with these. The boot is made with anti-puncture material.

Key Features

  • The boots are great for construction area tasks. This works best in the fields of auto manufacturing, industrial project places.
  • It has an anti-smashing and anti-piercing feature.
  • The boots are made of super fiber leather with a lace-up facility
  • The sole is wear-resistant and stylish looking too.
  • Boots are available for men and women.

Buying Guide: Men’s Work Boots Under 50 Dollars

Before you buy work boots it’s important to know some tips.

  • Boot height and weight: Taller boots are good for linesmen’s work, but they are heavier and harder to put on. While shorter boots are better for all-around use, lighter and look good too. It’s important to choose lightweight boots. While working you need to walk freely. Heavyweight options will make moving around tough.
  • Water resistance: Even if you choose leather material you will get the waterproof option. These boots are great when you have to work in water the entire day. You need to choose this option if you have to work on water mostly. However, waterproof boots are harder to dry, but still, they will be a good investment.
  • Safety toes: Workboots come with safety toes of steel. It adds weight to the boots and will protect your feet from any harm. You can easily wear these and feel safe.
  • Insulation: Insulated boots will protect your boots when the temperature drops. Although it will make you feel uncomfortable in hot weather, this is a great choice for outdoor work in the wintertime.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

How Long should work boots last?

Work boots are mostly sturdy and durable products. But the longevity is based on the material and built. For leather material, it will last 6 months. For cowboy boots, it will last five to ten years. If you choose suede boots, you can use them for four to five months. In the case of redwing boots, you can use them from five years to twenty years.

How do you disinfect work boots?

Your work boots can come into contact with a variety of different substances and you may wish to disinfect them to keep yourself and your boots fully clean. You can disinfect the inside of your boots by mixing half a cup of water with half a cup of alcohol and spray the inside of your boots.

Leave the boots overnight and they will be fully dry for the next day. Whereas the outside of your boots can be simply disinfected using soap (that kills bacteria) and hot water, you may feel more comfortable wearing rubber gloves as you do this.

How Do I Get My Boots To Stop Smelling?

There are a variety of different methods that you can use in order to either prevent your boots from smelling or to help get rid of the smell when they do.

  • Buy work boots that have good ventilation – There are many boots on the market that are designed to allow air to circulate freely whilst you are working. This will lessen your chances of getting sweaty feet throughout the day.
  • Avoid cotton socks – Purchasing socks that are specifically designed to be worn in work boots will lessen the chance of your feet smelling as cotton socks soak up moisture and smell as the day wears on.
  • Use baking soda after a long day of work – Sprinkling baking soda into your boots before you go to sleep will help neutralize any unpleasant smells that are coming from your boots.
  • Purchase odor reducing insoles – There are plenty of odor reducing insoles available on the market that will reduce any unpleasant smells coming from your boots, they will also add extra comfort.

Are Slip On Work Boots Bad For Your Feet?

Slip-on boots are not necessarily bad for your feet if you get a pair that fit your feet correctly. There is a stigma that slip-on work boots can be bad for your feet as slip-on shoes overall tend to not fit specific parts of your feet, for example, the arc of your feet.

You can, however, avoid this issue by ensuring that your feet fit the boots correctly before you buy and you can also purchase additional insoles to help with the issue.


There are different types of best work boots under $50 available online. You need to choose the lightweight one, has a protective steel toe, and works for years. If you work in water for almost the entire day, then you need a waterproof option. Before buying the boots check the height, weight, and insulation option too.

You must choose a lightweight option, only that will allow you to move around flexibly. Also, take a look at the boots we have talked about in this article.

Our Recommendation – TOSAFZXY Boot Or Skechers Boot

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