What is the Best Budget Motorcycle Riding Sneakers [2024]

While riding a motorcycle it is important to wear the right protective gear including riding sneakers. But buying the best motorcycle riding sneakers is not easy these days because many companies are manufacturing them. According to experts, motorcycle riding shoes are safer than regular shoes because they provide more protection to your feet.

Along with protecting your feet they also protect your ankle from burning from the hot exhaust pipes or other injuries while riding. They are comfortable and stylish for regular riders. Some of the top men’s motorcycle sneakers reviews provided in this article can help you to buy the best shoes for motorcycle.

The Best Motorcycle Riding Sneakers Reviews

#1. Men’s J-6 Alpinestars Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Sneakers

The upper of these lightweight sneakers are made durable and comfortable by using suede and full-grain leather. They can completely perform in wet conditions due to the waterproof membrane in their chassis.

To make them more comfortable and luxurious collar and the top tongue are made from leather. They can be secured easily with lacing closure and metal eyelets. They have ergonomic heel and ankle protectors with double density.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy and secure fit with lacing closure
  • Ergonomic heel and ankle protector

 #2. SX-2 SHIMA Motorcycle Sneakers For Men

These riding sneakers are designed to protect your foot by using impact-absorbing materials and making them more durable by protecting their gear shifting pad with a strong Toe Cap. To allow your feet to breathe and feel comfortable while riding more than half of these sneakers are made of perforated suede.

The steel sank embedded in their sole will provide you extra protection and stability while riding. They are designed to give maximum protection and comfort to motorcycle riders as they can be used with most of the jackets and pants used by motorcyclists.

Key Features

  • Ankle support and reinforced heel to protect the foot
  • Breathable ventilated construction
  • Strong and effective anti-slip sole
  • Lace closure for additional stability
  • Suitable with most riding apparels

#3. IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Riding Shoes

These riding shoes will protect your feet with their thick toes and heels. They are made more breathable by lining around their ankle with mesh fabric. PP protective shell is used around the ankle to protect your feet from injuries in case of emergency.

Their rubber sole allows you to use them on rainy days also because they are anti-slip soles. Their looks allow you to wear them not only while riding but also casually with any type of jeans and pants.

Key Features

  • Thick heel and toes to protect your feet
  • Mesh fabric to make them more breathable
  • PP protective shell to avoid injuries
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • Match all casuals including jeans and pants
  • Can be used as regular sneakers

#4. High Top Converse Motorcycle Leather Sneaker for Men

These riding sneakers are completely made of imported leather and rubber sole. The shaft of these high-top sneakers can be measured from their arch and their ankle has a classic patch of All-Star. Their tongue and collar are padded and the upper is made from premium quality leather.

Key Features

  • Made from imported leather
  • High-top sneakers with rubber sole
  • All-Star classic patch on the ankle
  • Upper made of premium leather
  • Padded tongue and collar

#5. Men’s Steinman HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sneaker For Motorcycle

These sneaker made from 100% imported leather have a rubber sole and breathable waterproof upper made from full-grain leather. The shaft of these sneakers with cement construction is 6″ high and their heel is 1.25″ high.

Key Features

  • Completely made from imported leather
  • Breathable and waterproof upper made from full-grain leather
  • Strong cement construction
  • High-top sneakers with 1.25″ high heels and 6″ high shaft

#6). Men’s Air Alpinestars Sneakers For Motorcycle Riding

The front of the upper is made of lightweight and stylish leather and back form suede to make them durable and comfortable. Their tongue is made of leather and their lace closure system can ensure comfortable and safe to fit your feet. They are flexible at important regions and ankles are protected with dual density support. They meet the standards of CE.

Key Features

  • Riding sneakers with lightweight and stylish upper
  • Comfortable and durable with leather tongue
  • Easy and secure lacing closure
  • Ankle protectors of double density
  • CE certified sneakers

Buying Guide: Motorcycle Riding Sneakers

While buying men’s motorcycle riding sneakers you will have to look at a few important things like:

Safety features: Several safety features like high insole protection, molded heavy padding, protective braces for sliding toes and heels, and reinforced protector for shin are provided in most good riding sneakers. You should also check that their soles are slip-resistant and are constructed well so that they can hold the footrest of the vehicle more efficiently. Their ankles should be padded enough to secure your ankles on extreme contours and twists.

Level of protection: You should check the level of protection your sneakers can provide you as it is very important for a rider. You should give more preference to the protection your sneakers can provide as it is the main reason for wearing them while riding a motorcycle. Along with accidents they should also protect you from extreme weather conditions.

Waterproof and ventilation: Your riding sneakers should provide you protection, convenience, and comfort by allowing your feet to get a flow of air through the vents molded in their leather construction. They should also be made waterproof so that you can use them even while riding in the rainy season. To protect your feet from water splashes and dry from sweat and moisture some companies line their sneakers with breathable and waterproof membrane.

Style and length: It is also important to consider the length and style of the riding sneaker while buying them. The length of these sneakers ensures the extent of the coverage provided by them. You can choose sneakers from three-fourth length sneakers or mid-length sneakers as per your preferences and the extent of protection they can give to your ankles.


We hope you found value in our reviews for the best sneakers for motorcycle riding and make a great decision to buying the most suitable one. There are different types of motorcycle sneakers available with slight variations and You should take time to check all of them and find the best motorcycle riding shoes for you.

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