[TOP 8] Best 4 Channel Amp Under 100 [2021] Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to improve the sound quality of your car speakers & also looking for a less expensive option? If yes, you can consider buying a 4 channel amplifier for the car. The 4 channel car amp can bring out all your emotions by adding extra power to your rear and front speakers.

You might be thinking that you will have to spend more on a 4 channel car amp. However, affordable options are available. In this article, we are going to cover the best 4 channel amp under 100.

The Best 4 Channel Amp Under $100 Reviews & Full Details

#1. Genius GFX-55X4 4 Channel Amp Under 100 Dollars

Genius GFX-55X4 4 Channel Amp Under 100 Dollars

Genius Audio Amplifier: Genius GFX-55X4 4 Channel Amp is also worth considering. It is affordable and can meet your music expectations. It features a 4ohm Bridget and 2-ohm stereo. Also, the quality built and efficiency makes it one of the preferred choices for many motor users.

It is well made to ensure an easy connection with the rear and front speaker system. In addition to the above, you can expect short circuit and over-voltage protection.

Key Features

  • Sturdy build and circuit protection
  • 15V, Idle max supply voltage
  • 9V min supply voltage
  • 4-ohm bridge and 2-ohm stereo

#2. BOSS Audio Systems R2504 4 Channel Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems R2504 4 Channel Amplifier

BOSS Amplifier: BOSS Audio Systems R2504 is a full-range amplifier & one of the best 4 channel amp under $100. It features a MOSFET power supply and 1000 watts max power to become the right choice for your audio system. You can use this amplifier to power up subwoofers in addition to your speakers.

The variable low pass crossover, fixed high pass crossover, the remote subwoofer control will customize the sound. There are low and high-level inputs, variable input control, and short-circuit protection. The automatic shut-off feature will protect your amplifier from excessive heat.

Key Features

  • Full range amplifier with Class A / B Topology
  • Remote subwoofer control and customized sound
  • Automatic shut-off to prevent damage
  • Bridgeable with low and high-level inputs
  • Variable input control

#3. Blaupunkt 1500W 4 Channel Amp Under $100

Blaupunkt 1500W 4 Channel Amp Under $100

Blaupunkt Amplifier: Blaupunkt 1500W is the best inexpensive 4 channel amp. It is the outcome of ninety years of experience. The company has evolved constantly to design a 4 channel amplifier for your motor vehicle. It features 1500 watts maximum output and 150-watt RMS output to deliver the best quality sound.

You can enjoy your favorite music and enable your co-passengers to travel in a party-like environment. The slim design makes it a perfect choice for any vehicle. You can connect this amplifier to the stereo system easily.

 Key Features

  • Full range amplifier with 1500W maximum power
  • Slim design ensures a perfect fit for your vehicle
  • Dynamic and powerful to boost your music experience
  • Quality performance to create your mood

#4. Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 4 Channel Amp

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 4 Channel Amp

Rockford Fosgate Amplifier: Rockford PBR300X4 is an affordable and ultra-compact 4 channel amp. Even if it comes with a compact design, you can expect better efficiency. Its 300 watts of power offers 75 watts of RMMS to the rear and front speakers of your vehicle.

As a result, you can enjoy the clear sound. The frequency response is also worth mentioning. The 20Hz to 20kHz frequency can deliver precision. Users can install this small amp on different incognito surfaces without sacrificing the space of their vehicle.

Key Features

  • MOSFET output stage and high-level inputs
  • Ultra-efficient and compact design
  • 300 Watts of power
  • Well built and reliable
  • One-year warranty

#5. Pyle Hydra Marine 4 Channel Amplifier Under 100

Pyle Hydra Marine 4 Channel Amplifier Under 100

Pyle Amplifier: Pyle Hydra is the best budget 4 channel amp & this amplifier offers the water-resistant ability to your speakers. The seamless design and high-energy capacity make it work well in different conditions. It can be perfect in harsh weather conditions. It is completely waterproof and comes with short protection.

This amplifier can protect your amp and vehicle’s electric system from the short circuit. It is a marine amplifier, and this unique quality makes it a great choice for a variety of units. You can expect high-quality and smooth sound regardless of the vehicle type.

 Key Features

  • Waterproof ability with gold plated speaker
  • RCA Stereo Input and short protection
  • Powerful 400 WATT with dual adjustable input
  • 8 or 4 Ohm Speaker Impedance
  • Remote turn off and on

#6. Planet Audio AC1200 4.4 Powerful 4 Channel Amp

Planet Audio AC1200 4.4 Powerful 4 Channel Amp

Planet Audio Amplifier: Planet Audio AC1200 4.4 is designed to boost your musical experience by giving extra power to the front and rear speakers of your vehicle. It features high and low responses. That will enable your speakers to generate clearer sound.

Also, it can be perfectly fitted to your low-level subwoofer control. It is a powerful and full-range amplifier that comes with 1200 watts max power to supply strong and clean sound. Users can also customize the sound and enjoy the music the most.

Key Features

  • Full range with 1200 W MAX Power
  • Low and high-level inputs
  • Customized and clear sounds
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB frequency response
  • Six years dealer warranty

#7. Power Acoustik EG4-1000 Edge Series 4 Channels Amplifier

Power Acoustik EG4-1000 Edge Series 4 Channels Amplifier

Key Features

  • Full-Range Class AB
  • Overload circuit protection, Direct short, thermal
  • RCA inputs high speaker-level & low-level
  • Military-grade PCB with PWM MOSFET power supply

#8. Soundstream PN4.1000D 4 Channel Class D Amp Under 100

Soundstream PN4.1000D 4 Channel Class D Amp Under 100

Key Features

  • 4-Channel Class D Amplifier Picasso Nano Series
  • Power supply.200mv-6V Low-Level Input Sensitivity
  • 500 watts Max Power
  • 6 Volts and 5 Pounds Battery Weight
  • Protection circuitry: thermal, overload, speaker short protection

Buying Guide: 4 Channel Amp Under 100 Dollars

As you have a limited budget, your first consideration will be price. You will have to narrow down your choices depending on your budget. When it comes to the features, you will have to focus on the sound quality, amp class, and design.

You will have two options in the amp class. These are AB class and D class. The AB class offers better sound quality. However, the D class is energy efficient. Also, it will generate less heat. The next consideration is the sound quality.

You will have to consider a few factors to determine the sound quality of the amp. These considering factors are filters, frequency response, and sound-noise ratio. You can go with a compact size to ensure a perfect fit regardless of the size of your vehicle.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Are 4 Channel Amps Good?

A 4-channel amp can be a good choice if you want more versatility to get better configurations. If you are looking for an amp for your subwoofer and speakers, a 4-channel amp is worth considering. It can power up to eight speakers.

How Many Speakers Can A 4 Channel Amp Run?

The number of speakers that you can run per channel will be dependent on the channel amp that you purchase. It is common knowledge, however, that most channel amps will be able to power two speakers per channel. This means on a 4 channel amp you should be able to run eight individual speakers, two per channel.

Does A 4 Channel Amp Make A Difference?

In terms of the quality of music, and the volume you are able to play said music at, using a 4 channel amp will make a substantial difference. To oversimplify the process, using an amplifier provides more power to your speakers.

As a result, the music or sound that you play through the speakers will be able to play at a higher volume than if you were to play it without the amplifier. Speakers that have the additional power of an amplifier will also be able to play clearer and crisper music than speakers without one.

What Is The Best Cheap 4 Channel Amplifier?

Planet Audio AC1200 is the best cheap 4 channel amplifier with 1000 watts max power and delivers the best quality sound for your vehicle.

Is A 4 Channel Amp Worth It?

If you are looking for a product that will improve the quality of the music that is playing through your speakers, and the quality you are currently receiving now is not acceptable in your opinion. Then purchasing a 4 channel amp will be worth it for you.

This is more of a question that you should ask yourself personally, if you do not have the disposable income to spend on an amplifier (as they can be quite expensive) then perhaps purchasing one is not right for you. Especially if the sound quality that your speakers provide either is acceptable or does not offend you.

Do Expensive Amplifiers Sound Better?

There is no clear yes or no answer to this question. With every product type available on the market, there are always expensive versions that are over-priced and cheaper visions that are a bargain for the quality they provide. As always, you should conduct plenty of market research before you purchase any product.

Specifically concerning amplifiers, the sound you get as a result of using one can also be effected by the speakers that you have. If you have expensive speakers, you will easily get away with purchasing a cheaper amplifier. Whereas if you have cheaper speakers, or if they are dated, then you may prefer to spend more money on your amplifier to ensure better sound quality.

Do I Need A 4 Channel Amp?

If you are a lover of music and wish to play it as loud as possible, then purchasing a 4 channel amp will be perfect for you. Similarly, if your sound system or speakers are dated, or perhaps the quality of your speakers is not up to par, then you may have a more enjoyable experience listening to your music with a 4 channel amp.

If you are using your amplifier in your car, then older cars are known for being louder vehicles on the road, and as a result, many users struggle to hear their music whilst they drive. Purchasing a 4 channel amp will also solve that issue as well.


You can get a quality build and efficient best 4 channel amp under $100. You will have to understand your requirements. Once you know what you want, you can narrow down the options accordingly. Check the sound quality, size, and other features. Go through the reviews of customers before deciding on one.

Our RecommendationGenius AMP or BOSS AMP

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