6 Best MTX Subwoofers of 2024

Subwoofers are not new one. It has been very popular for a long time. This item was invented in the 60s. It has added bass to the cinema soundtrack. People were more aware of this item in the 70s. In the 70s, it became popular for car models and highlighted as well.

Nowadays, modern subwoofers are very much popular for low-frequency sound clarity. These items are being installed in the boot or trunk of your car and placed towards the back seat of your car. So, it is very much popular as a car’s entertainment system. Here are some most popular mtx subwoofers:

The Best MTX Subwoofers Reviews

#1. TNP212DV MTX Audio Subwoofer

It is a beauty from the best MTX subwoofers and perfect for your car model. You can simply install it in your car and enjoy the best music and sound quality. You can enjoy the sound clarity from the back seat or anywhere else in your car.

Each speaker will give you 500 watts of power. They also have dust caps for durability and longevity purposes. The items are very much lightweight. The processor will refresh the air and it will help you to keep the machine cool.

Key Features

  • Cooling is one of the important features.
  • 2000+ watts peak power facility.
  • You can easily install it.
  • You do not need to take pressure on the heating problem during the long drive.

#2. MB210SP Dual 10″ MTX Subwoofers

It is one of the best and top models of MTX audio car subwoofers. You can use this in your car. The installation process is very much easy. This is a corded electric model. It is a durable product. You can use it comfortably and listen to high-tune sounds as well. Car owners love to have this model of the subwoofer.

Key Features

  • You can get heavy-duty wearing terminals with this subwoofer.
  • You can easily tune it for high and clear sound output.
  • It provides an 800-watt mono-block ampire facility.
  • You can get an aviation-grade carpet with this model.

#3. MTX TSW12 12″ 150 Watt Subwoofer

It is another popular invention from MTX. You can get high-quality sound clarity with this subwoofer. You can use this item in your car. You can enjoy the sound quality and clarity as well. So, it is a standard model that you can buy if you need the clear sound feature.

Key Features

  • You can get high-level input with this subwoofer.
  • This unit can give you full-range audio.
  • It is an essential addition to your home theatre.
  • You can get 150 watts RMS Amp.

#4. THUNDER61 Audio MTX Subwoofers

It is one of the best and most valuable units from MTX. You can get full and high-quality sound with this unit. You will not regret it after buying this product. This is a top model from MTX. you can also check out some features of this unit:

Key Features

  • You can get low-frequency sound for getting bigger and complete sound.
  • You can get an adjustable tweeter level with this audio subwoofer.
  • The design of the subwoofer is very unique and concave.
  • This style is beneficial for improved axis facility and response.

#5. MTX 7512-44 75 Series Cheap Subwoofers

MTX 7512-44 is cheap mtx subwoofers and this is a unique model. You can easily install it for its high-quality surface design. You will not regret it after buying this product. You will get the lightweight feature as well.

Key Features

  • The Apex surround will increase the surface area of the subwoofer.
  • You can get the 2-layer thermal management with this unit.
  • It can withstand extreme conditions.
  • It can dissipate heat from the voice coil as well.

#6. RZR XP1000 MTX Polaris Subwoofer

It is specially designed for vehicles. You can use it in your cars. You can enjoy the best and clear sound as well. This is the best model of MTX terminator 12 inch subwoofers. It is designed to fit directly under the dash.

Key Features

  • You do not need to do drilling or cutting.
  • You can get low level input with high-quality sound clarity.
  • You do not need to buy a separate amplifier as well.
  • It is ready to provide the bass that MTX is recognized for.

Is MTX a good subwoofer brand?

Yes, it is a well-recognized and good brand. It is very much popular as well. You can use it for your car music system. You can get better clarity and sound with this subwoofer brand. So, you can easily go for it.

Who makes MTX subwoofers?

You may know the fact that Mitek Corporation is the owner of this subwoofer. They invented it for car usage. The founder of this company is Loyd Ivey. The company is very much popular for inventing this unit. This sound system is very much upgraded and unique as well.

Buying Guide: Best MTX Subwoofers

You need to find out what you want for your car. So, before purchasing, you need to figure out and consider some necessary tips:


You need to check how much power you will need. You will have to buy the unit after deciding that. You need to check how louder and deeper the bass will be. If you want to get the sound out of your car then, you will have to buy a big subwoofer. But you should not go for the extravagant sound.

Frequency range:

You need to choose the wider frequency range. The bigger range will provide you with the best and high-end sound clarity.


You need to check the reasonable one. You will have to find out the best and affordable unit for your car. But you should not go for the cheap quality. The cheap quality will not satisfy you.


You will have to check the reasonable and high-quality subwoofer for your car. You can check out these. These are the best options from MTX. you can enjoy the high-end and rich sound from this. You do not need to take pressure from the heating problem. These systems have cooling facilities that you can enjoy. So, these are the options that you can go for and choose from.

Our Recommendation – TNP212DV MTX Or THUNDER61 MTX

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