[TOP 10] Cheap Queen Mattress Under $100 of 2021

Good quality sleep is much needed for a healthy lifestyle. In order to ensure that you are having a sound sleep, you must feel relax and have a nice bed. The quality of the bed depends entirely on the type of mattress you are using. Hence, it has to be cozy, comfortable, and perfect. But as budget is also an issue, we have reviewed some affordable queen mattresses here that can be perfect for you.

You can choose one cheap queen mattress under $100 from the list according to your choices and preferences.

Best Cheap Queen Mattress Under $100 Reviews

#1. ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam 3-Inch Queen Mattress

ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam 3-Inch Queen Mattress

Feel refreshed by sleeping on this green tea-infused memory foam mattress which offers great sleep by rejuvenating your mind and body. The 3-inch mattress contains memory foam infused with charcoal, green tea, and plant oil along with 2 inch of high-density foam for better durability.

This mattress can make you feel refreshed and restored when you wake up. It offers the highest quality CertiPUR US certified foam ensuring great performance and longevity. You can also enjoy a 5-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Charcoal infusion offers moisture absorption while green tea offer rejuvenation
  • This mattress is made up of natural ingredients for better health
  • It also offers great durability and performance with high-density foam
  • It helps you to feel refreshed by offering best quality sleep
  • Memory foam can relieve body pain and aches

#2. BedsPick 3-Inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress Under 100 Dollars

BedsPick 3-Inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress Topper

Looking for the best memory foam mattress topper under 100? Then this is surely this is an extraordinary choice at an affordable price. Being made up of memory foam, this mattress topper can provide you with a great sleeping experience.

It offers you a stress-free memory foam mattress that can help you to relax completely. The 3-inch gel foal offers great support to your back.

Key Features

  • The gel in this mattress comes with heat-capturing feature which can regulate the temperature
  • Proper ventilation in the mattress increases breathability for better flow of air
  • This mattress helps you to sleep better by relaxing an releasing fatigue
  • It is hypoallergenic in nature with incredible softness and fluffiness
  • It is also certified by CertiPUR-US to be better for environment

#3. Serta CopperGel 3 Inches Queen Mattress Topper

Serta CopperGel 3 Inches Queen Mattress Topper

With this amazing memory foam mattress topper, you will be able to get a sound sleep. It is extremely durable, supportive, and comes with some great features. As this is made up of copper, it supports cooling.

This mattress is made as per USA standards so that it can fit your queen bed perfectly. Because of the amazing features and great material, this mattress can maintain freshness throughout the night. So, when you wake up, you feel energized and fresh.

Key Features

  • It is made up of enhanced memory foam along with copper provide conforming support
  • The copper has conductive properties which when combines with gel, offers cooling support
  • The mattress is naturally antimicrobial in nature as it is infused with copper
  • It helps in soothing and stabilizing your back
  • This mattress also provides relief to joint and muscle pain

#4. Sealy TrueForm 3-inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress Under 100

Sealy TrueForm 3-inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress Topper

Get ultimate comfort and stability with this amazing memory foam mattress topper. If you are looking for a great queen mattress under 100, then this is exactly what your body needs. This mattress topper comes with very adaptive memory foam which hugs the contour of your body offering flexibility. It is so comfortable that you will sleep through the night like a baby. It comes with many features.

Key Features

  • This mattress has gel-infused memory foam providing cloud-like feel
  • Customizable comfort is available with 2 inch and 3 inch thickness
  • It provides perfect cushioning and support
  • This mattress can provide a very easy setup without any interference

#5. LUCID Tradition Foam Topper Queen Size Mattress

LUCID Tradition Foam Topper Queen Size

Looking for a great foam mattress topper for your bed? Well, your search ends here then as you will be able to get ultimate comfort and stability with this mattress. The queen-size mattress topper provides proper ventilation allowing better breathability and flow of air so that you can sleep without feeling hot or too suffocated. It offers a cooler sleeping environment and a perfect solution for better sleep.

Key Features

  • This mattress topper comes with 3-inch thickness with extra-plush tradition foam
  • This mattress foam allows increased ventilation for great breathability
  • The mattress can provide great support and comfort to your body while sleeping
  • It also helps in relieving pressure from certain points
  • It offers increased support to shoulder, head and neck

#6. BioPEDIC Memory Plus Queen Mattress Topper Under $100

BioPEDIC Memory Plus Queen Mattress Topper

Enjoy sleeping in the most luxurious and comfortable way with this affordable queen mattress. It comes with memory foam along with hypoallergenic fibers that are perfect for sensitive people. It is extremely soft yet provides the best support. This comes with great ventilation and it can wick moisture to keep you fresh and wake you up feeling fresh.

Key Features

  • This mattress is made up of best quality polyester abiding by all USA standards
  • It is made up of memory foam for relieving pressure
  • The mattress is filled with hypoallergenic fiber
  • The polyester material is covered with Nanotex Comfort Technology for adding breathability
  • It can wick moisture keeping you fresh throughout the night

#7. Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen 

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen 

This sealy is the best cheap queen mattress topper. Investing in a memory foam mattress topper relieves you from pressure points, pains, and aches. This 1.5 inches topper improves your sleeping experience with an added layer of comfort. The memory foam infused with gel provides you with adaptive support and comfort. This mattress topper adapts to your unique shape and gives you personalized comfort. Moreover, the gel infusion provides a cool sleeping experience. Also, this topper is certified by CentiPUR-US.

Key Features

  • Gel-infused memory foam for the perfect balance needed for cool and comfort
  • Easy to setup: unbox, unroll and unwind
  • Manufactured without chemicals responsible for depleting ozone
  • Portable and compact for easy transportation
  • Supports your neck and back without making you feel uncomfortable

#8. S Secretland Queen Mattress Certified Foam Topper King

S Secretland Queen Mattress Certified Foam Topper

S Secretland is a cheap mattress topper king and it’s a supportive design. The topper keeps your body on an even surface without making it feel stiff or produce excessive motion transfer. When you buy this premium soft mattress topper, it provides you unbeatable comfort and makes you feel like you are sleeping on a massive pile of cotton. The gel beads regulate and dissipate temperature and prevent overheating. That way, you can have a good night’s sleep.

Key Features

  • It acts as a great cushion between them and the mattress
  • It adapts to your body curves and soothes the pressure points
  • The gel-infused memory foam helps you dissipate temperature and keeps you cool
  • Easy to setup
  • 3-year guaranteed warranty

#9. BioPedic Bamboo Charcoal infused Queen Mattress Topper Under $100

BioPedic Bamboo Charcoal infused Mattress Topper

Charcoal-infused mattress topper adapts to different sleeping positions and body types. With this mattress topper, you can elevate the comfort level of your bed and enjoy relaxation after a tiring day at work. Moreover, the charcoal extracted from bamboo provides you natural odor. As such, you can keep your sleeping area neat and fresh. Also, it relieves you from back pain and body aches. The topper is made from high-quality certified foam.

Key Features

  • VentAir technology improves the airflow and ensures optimal breathability in the foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam that delivers durability and performance
  • Bamboo charcoal infused memory gel keeps your sleeping area clean and fresh
  • Cradles the body’s pressure points
  • Delivers an ultimate sleeping experience

#10. Sweetnight Mattress Topper Queen Size with Waterproof Protector

Sweetnight Mattress Topper Queen Size with Waterproof Protector

This waterproof queen mattress topper caters to different types of people based on firmness preference, sleeping position, and body type. Because peaceful sleep is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle, buying a mattress topper is an easy way to personalize your queen-size mattress in the best possible way. Infused with memory gel, this topper helps to optimize airflow to improve your sleeping experience.

Key Features

  • Waterproof membrane layer for a delicate touch and great breathability
  • The 2-inch gel-infused foam topper provides you a great sleeping experience
  • Comfortable and washable
  • It can be used alone or with a waterproof mattress protector
  • Adjustable grippers to secure the sheets

Buying Guide: Queen Mattress Under 100 Dollars

While buying a good queen mattress for your bed, keep certain things in mind. These are:

  • Comfort & Support: It has to be soft and supportive to your neck, head and shoulder mostly. But it should also provide great support to your entire body. A foam mattress can help your body to get comfort as well as the support.
  • Breathability: When choosing a mattress, you must make sure that the material allows proper flow of air. Without proper flow of air, the mattress will not breathe properly. Hence, it will cause your body to feel suffocated and tired.
  • Hypoallergenic: If you have tendencies of allergies, then choosing a mattress with hypoallergenic fiber can be quite beneficial. It will help you to sleep without causing any irritation.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for a queen size mattress?

The average price of the queen-size mattress depends on the type of mattress you want to buy. While these mattress toppers are available within $100, the price of the luxurious mattress can go as high as $1800. It depends entirely on the type of material used for making the mattress.

Can i put a queen mattress on a full platform bed?

Yes, you can set up a queen-size mattress on a full or double-sized bed. However, it should be larger than the bed frame itself. Moreover, you can’t get the same comfort and experience sleeping issues.

What is a good price for a queen mattress set?

There is no fixed price for a quality queen mattress. So, what is a good price for a queen mattress set? If you are looking to buy a queen mattress set, the best price should be anywhere between $100 to $1800. Mattress size, materials used, and other factors influence the overall price.


Sound sleep is important and with the help of the right mattress, you can surely enjoy a great sound sleep. You can buy one of these cheap queen mattress sets for your queen bed. Even though these mattresses are affordable in nature, they offer the best quality foam or fiber ensuring better comfort, support, and performance.

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