Best Cheap Men’s Cowboy Boots Under $50 of 2024

Whether you are looking to purchase your first pair of cheap cowboy boots or looking to replace a beloved old pair, there is an overwhelming amount of choices of boots on the market. With varying heights, heels, colors, and designs, it can be very hard to choose, especially with their large price tags.

We have compiled a list of cheap cowboy boots under $50 with varying features so you can find the perfect one for you. Available in varying designs and colors, offering you several options to choose from.

Cheap Men’s Cowboy Boots Under $50 Reviews

#1. Canyon Trails Western Cowboy Boot For Men

Canyon Trails Western Cowboy Boot For Men

Canyon Trails boot one of the best cheap men’s cowboy boots under $50 and the feature a classic embroidery design which is perfect for men that are looking for a new pair of cowboy boots that do not feature any flamboyant or vibrant designs.

Available in both brown and black, these cowboy boots are 100% custom made with high-quality materials and flexible rubber outsoles that make this pair of cowboy boots both durable and comfortable for any activity.

Key Features

  • Made with high quality and durable faux leather and long-lasting rubber.
  • Calf height shaft and round toe design.
  • Additional ‘pull tabs’ that will help you pull off your boots after a long day.
  • Featuring a classic embroidery design that will appeal to any down-to-earth cowboy.
  • The addition of cushioned footbeds will provide comfort and support to your feet.
  • This limited edition cowboy boot is a rare find that will help you standout from the crowd.

#2. Alberto Fellini Crocodile Print Men’s Cowboy Boots

Alberto Fellini Crocodile Print Men's Cowboy Boots Under $50

Perhaps you are looking for a new pair of men’s black cowboy boots that feature more embellishment. This pair might be the one for you, as it has an intricate crocodile print design, stud buckle and chain.

These Alberto Fellini men’s cowboy boots cheap are available on market, which is a bargain considering how fashionable these cowboy boots are. Available in both brown and black, these boots feature a side zipper allowing you to slip them off and on with ease, and the buckle and chain are removable depending on your personal style.

Key Features

  • These boots are made with 100% synthetic and man-made materials.
  • Featuring a 1.5″ heel design.
  • Mid-calf shaft and pointed toe shape.
  • Comes with removable stud buckle and chain.
  • Easy to pull on and off with the addition of the side zipper.
  • Available in black and brown.

#3. Jazame Western Ankle Cowboy Boots For Men

Jazame Western Ankle Cowboy Boots For Men

Jazame is the best cheap men’s ankle cowboy boots available on market. Motorcycle boots as well as cowboy boots partially inspired these boots’ design, which gives them such a unique look.

The Jazame Cowboy boots are available in varying colors and designs, with differing embroidery and decorations (such as buckles and chains), which will provide you with more options when choosing your new cowboy boots.

Key Features

  • Easy to pull off and on with the side zippers.
  • Ankle shaft design with pointed toe shape.
  • Cowboy boot design also inspired by motorcycle boots.
  • Includes lightly padded insoles and synthetic outsoles to provide comfort and durability.
  • Features 0.25″ platform.

#4. Enzo Romeo Ankle Western Men’s Cowboy Boots

Enzo Romeo Ankle Western Men's Cowboy Boots

The cowboy boot featuring on our top western men’s cowboy boots under $50 is this pair from Enzo Romeo. Featuring a flame design and buckle, these boots are available in both black and light brown with a 1″ heel platform. After a long day, you can also easily slip off these cowboy boots with the addition of their side zippers.

Key Features

  • Made with thermoplastic outsoles and lightly padded insoles to provide comfort and support.
  • Featuring an intricate flame design and sturdy buckle.
  • Ankle shaft height with pointed toe design.
  • Ease of access with the side zipper on each boot.
  • Provides extra height with 1″ heel design.
  • Available in black and light brown.

#5. AMAPO Western Buckle Cowboy Boots For Men

AMAPO Western Buckle Cowboy Boots For Men

The AMAPO western men’s cowboy boots are available in black and brown, where they retail under 50. These double buckle cowboy boots are crafted using premium faux leather and feature latex cushioning to provide extra comfort for the wearer.

With the addition of the pull-tabs, side zippers and the round-toe shaped design, these cowboy boots are perfect for those looking for luxurious comfort in their desired new cowboy boots.

Key Features

  • Handcrafted using premium faux leather and latex cushioning.
  • Easy to slip on and take off with pull-tabs and side zippers.
  • Available in brown and black with fashionable buckles.
  • Soft lining to minimize foot odor.
  • Round-toe shaped design for additional comfort.
  • Ankle shaft design.

#6. Japan Men‘s Leather Cowboy Boots

Japan Men's Leather Cowboy Boots

This cowboy men’s cheap boots option is this heavily embroiled design from japan and is available in black and features a buckle and chain design. This pair of cowboy boots also incorporates a crocodile print as well as a flame-esque design, for those wanting a distinctive pair of cowboy boots. With a heel height of 1.25″ and a platform height of 0.25″, these boots will provide you with any desired additional height.

Key Features

  • Crafted with faux leather and PU lining.
  • Features latex cushioning for additional comfort.
  • Highly embroidered with an additional buckle and chain.
  • 1.25″ heel height, 0.25″ platform height.
  • From arc, shaft measures 5″, features pointed toe design.
  • Additional side zippers to allow boots to be easy to take off.

#7. WT10 Men’s Western Cowboy Ankle Boots

WT10 Men's Western Cowboy Ankle Boots

The style, fit and look of the boot are of superior quality for a decent price. The WT10 boot offers nice comfort for the feet. It also features a zipper on the side. The insole is mildly padded and this offers a cushion-like feeling. The western boot is designed to create a fashion statement. The arch is slightly narrow and the downside of the boot is the chemical smell that originates from it. It is advised to leave the boot under the sun and air for some time to get rid of the smell.

Key Features

  • Stylish-looking boot for a decent price.
  • 0.5-inch heel to make it look elegant and comfortable to wear.
  • The padded insole gives the best comfort.
  • Sole made of thermoplastic elastomers that are durable.
  • Made of synthetic material and is long-lasting.

#8. Smoky Mountain Men’s Cowboy Boots

Smoky Mountain Men's Cowboy Boots Under

Smoky Mountain boot is going to make you look charming in every way. The boot made up of 100% leather is a perfect pair to accompany western outfits. This toe of the boot is designed thoughtfully shaped as a square and it is all elegance combined with comfort. The rubber sole is durable and gives a better grip. Pair this boot with any of the western outfits and you are sure to make heads turn.

Key Features

  • The boot is made up of 100 % leather and it is worth the money.
  • Sole of the boot is made up of rubber and it offers a firm grip.
  • A stylish model that looks chic with any modern western outfit.
  • The 11/4″ heel is something worth buying. It makes you look fit and tall.
  • It has an elegantly engineered square toe.

#9. Old West Stitched Cushioned, Square Toe Cowboy Boots

Old West Stitched Cushioned, Square Toe Cowboy Boots

This Old-West boot is one of the best men’s square toe cowboy boots. The factory shine boots are the ones that carry a great look and style. The boot is made of leather and features a western stitch. The leather also has a polished look. There is a cushion that provides comfort all day. The narrow round toe is something you will look forward to. The boot is of medium weight and you can wear it comfortably and pair it with any western outfit.

Key Features

  • The boot is made of pure leather and is long-lasting
  • Sole of the boot offers the best grip
  • The cushion lining makes it comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • Heels are arranged so stylishly in the boot.
  • The polished leather of the boot enhances its look.

#10. Laredo Tip Toe Cowboy Boots For Mens

Laredo Tip Toe Cowboy Boots For Men

The boot is something to vouch for. You can step out in style with this boot. Laredo boot made of brown leather. The boot features a lot of details and this is something that will make you achieve your fashion goals. It contains a traditional western stitching pattern. A comfortable cushioning inside the boot makes it ideal for day-long wear. The stylish boots are worth the money and will go well with any western outfit.

Key Features

  • Laredo boot is made of synthetic material.
  • The sole also features a synthetic material.
  • The outsole is made of rubber.
  • A good cushioning on the insole for long-time wear.
  • 16″ opening around the boot makes it easy to wear.

Buying Guide: Men’s Cowboy Boots Under $50

Whether you are looking for a replacement pair, shopping for cowboy boots can be very daunting. There is an enormous amount of varying elements in cowboy boots that can be confusing. In order to help you, we have created this quick buying guide to help you find a men’s cowboy boots under $50.

Shaft Height

Relates to the height of the boot itself, whether you want a cowboy boot closer to your ankle or knee, this is an aesthetic choice.

Heel Height

Whether you are looking for a pair of cowboy boots that will provide you with extra height or boots that are flat, the heel height can affect both your comfort level and the style of your cowboy boots.

Toe Style

There are three main types of toe styles used with cowboy boots: round, square and pointed. The round and square toe styles are considered the more comfortable variations as it provides your toes with extra room, whereas the pointed toe style is considered the most fashionable.

Pull Tabs and Zippers?

The addition of pull tabs and side zippers on your cowboy boots are there to aid you in both putting the boots on and taking them off, as properly fitted cowboy boots should be a snug fit.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

Are Men’s Cowboy Boots In Style

If you are wondering are mens cowboy boots in style, then the answer is a straight, yes! Cowboy boots are no longer limited to ranch or cattlemen! Men are making a fashion statement with those boots everywhere on the streets of the world. This is the very trend at present, however, it is there to stay, like a timeless fashion element.

Can I wear cowboy boots in the rain?

This is a common question that pops up in the mind of any fashion lover trying to make a statement with the signature boots. As everyone knows, leather being a water repellent in its natural form, is good enough to be worn on rainy days. However, it is better to treat the leather before use, to avoid any sort of damage.

Are Cowboy Boots Good For Walking?

The level of comfort you will experience whilst walking in your cowboy boots solely depends on the type of boot you own and the quality of the craftmanship. If you own a pair of cowboy boots with a toe-box and low heel design, then you will have pleasurable walking experiences with the extra room and comfort they will provide.

Ensuring that your boots are well designed and fit you perfectly is imperative to guaranteeing your feet and ankles are properly supported whilst walking.

Are cowboy boots comfortable to wear?

Yes, they are comfortable to wear. The cowboy boots offer the best support to your feet. It is imperative to choose a boot that best fits you. This can give maximum comfort and support. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these boots are comfortable than tennis shoes.

Can cowboy boots ruin your feet?

Cowboy boots, in general, are not bad for your feet, or knee. They provide the best support to your feet and knee. The problem occurs if the boot fits improperly. If the boots are not proper and your feet are crunching in then you may face an issue. The same is true if you are experiencing some health condition.


We hope we have helped you find your perfect pair of cowboy boots. As you can see, there are cheap cowboy boots for men available in a variety of different styles and colorings to satisfy any of your desires and suit your needs.

Whether that is simply designed boots, or with elaborate embroidery. As well as boots with varying heel and shaft heights and toe designs.

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