Is it safe to carry a SIG P365 with one in the chamber?

Here we go again folks! People just don’t get it and keep asking this one over and over and over….with no personal research! It’s like clockwork–the same questions asked by the same people every other week!  And because of that, we’re going to go ahead and gather all those questions up into a nice little article where we hope to address ALL the questions and concerns about the SIG P365.

The short answer is: YES, you CAN carry a SIG P365 with one in the pipe! It’s called “Condition 1” or “cocked & locked.” This has been done for over 150 years and it works just fine. And so long as you train hard with your gun, you will be able to get back into that perfect stance we all know and love (and need) called “the ready position.”

The reason we do this is because when our adrenaline starts pumping and we’re feeling threatened, we want to drop whatever magazine (or whatever else it might be) out of our pistol and get right back into shooting position ASAP… AND MAYBE CALL THE POLICE IN THE MEANTIME. No one is going to wait for you to load up your Glock or M&P (stock) before they attack! And because of the number #1 reason listed above, we like having our pistols racked and ready at all times.

How safe is it to keep one in the chamber?

Well, let’s see if we can answer that question with some facts.

First of all, the P365 is a striker-fired pistol which does not have any external safety mechanisms except for its trigger. Like most other modern striker-fired pistols on the market today, the only method to drop its striker is by pulling the trigger all the way back until you hear an audible click inside.

And so because of this, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that you keep your finger off of said trigger (especially when carrying cocked & locked) UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT! This can be done by keeping it straight along the slide outside or simply hooking your finger around the front part of your belt…etc

Is the P365 drop safe?

Once again, the answer is YES ! Because of its exceptionally short trigger pull requires only 5.5 lbs of pressure to release its striker. And because it has a very light & short trigger pull, it would be highly unlikely that you could have an accidental discharge with this pistol unless your finger was ON THE TRIGGER! If you are ever carrying cocked & locked on your person and something happens where your holster breaks away from your belt…etc, there’s no way for the gun to go off unless someone steps on or trips over you first.

You can even carry it with one in the chamber on all modes of carry–even appendix IWB carry . And if anyone tells you differently, they’re not aware of how good Appendix Carry is nowadays. And with the P365’s XD-like low bore axis, it makes for a very comfortable IWB carry option.

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