[TOP 6] Cheap Boots Under 15 Dollars of 2021

Boots are the best way to protect your feet, be it in rain or in snow. Also the boots look quite classy and elegant as they go with most of the outfits. But some of the boots can be quite expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket.

If you want some awesome pair of boots at the cheapest price, then you are at the right place. We have listed the top six best cheap boots under 15 dollars. However, with so many boot styles, model, and options available, Here are the best pairs that you can get for boots under $15

Cheap Boots Under 15 Dollars Reviews & Full Details

#1. U.S Polo Assn Bruno Men’s Ankle Cheap Boots

Made of 100% synthetic material and rubber sole, this U.S. Polo Assn. boot is quite a great choice available at such an affordable price. The shaft of this pair measures about 5 inches from the arch. It looks quite stylish and can help to accentuate your casual outfit to a great level. It is perfect for the ones looking for a casual men’s boot.

Key Features

  • The boot is made up of complete vegan leather with comfortable padded textile lining
  • Offers lace-up front closure for best and custom fit
  • It comes with cushioned insole for extra comfort
  • The boot has a rubber outsole which can provide great traction while walking
  • Very stylish and perfect for everyday wear

#2. Tingley 31251 Pilot 15-inch Knee Boots Under 15 Dollars

Do you want great fit and performance in an affordable price? Then this is the right pair of boots for you. It is perfect for wearing in muddy or wet conditions. This pair of boots is made up of good-quality PVC and is quite light in weight. Hence you can walk easily and comfortably all day in this boot. It is perfect for construction and chemical professionals.

Key Features

  • The boot is made up of high-quality rubber
  • It is lightweight weighing about 5.75 pounds
  • Comes with 15-inch cleated steel toe
  • The boot is knee high boot perfect for wet condition
  • Textured sole for best support and stability

#3. Men’s Cadence Chukka Boot Under $15

This is one of the best boots under 15 that offers great style as well as comfort to your feet. It is available in two different colors – Brown and Taupe. With the rubber sole and ankle-high shaft, this can look quite stylish. This pair of boots comes with cotton laces for best fit and you can also adjust it according to your needs. It is ideal for styling your formal and casual outfits.

Key Features

  • Comes with modern styling and ankle-high shaft
  • Constructed with suede leather upper and a comfortable soft lining
  • Padded with super comfortable and soft foam providing cushioned feel
  • Contoured insole for great comfort to your feet
  • Has durable an flexible rubber outsole that offers softer step

#4. Servus Comfort 14-inch Cheap Work Boot

If you want protection along with performance, then this pair of boots is ideal for you. Made up of soft and flexible PV poly-blend, this boot can offer you with best comfort and flexibility. The unique scalloped design of this boot can help you to accommodate flexing which can provide extra comfort for long day at work. The reinforced construction of this boot is ideal for great durability.

Key Features

  • Seamless design makes it 100% waterproof in nature
  • Perfect for sensitive work fields as it is chemical-resistant
  • Comes with slip-resistant and comfort technology reducing heel slippage
  • Great flexibility even in cold environment
  • Contoured heel cup molding for better comfort

#5. Azarxis Lightweight Hiking Boot Under 15 Dollars

Want one of the best boots under 15 dollars for hiking? This is the best pair of boots that you can get. Made up of 600D Oxford cloth, this is a lightweight and durable boot that offers complete resistance to tear and wear.

Key Features

  • Best for wet condition as it is water-resistant in nature
  • Great for everyday wear as it is very durable and tear-resistant
  • It is quite adjustable and by drawing strings you can get the best fit
  • Breathable and lightweight material for a comfortable wear all day long

#6. Dunlop Chesapeake Cheap Waterproof Boots

Want a durable and protective boot under $15? Well, this is one of the best pairs that you can get. It is lightweight yet durable made in USA. It is designed to be worn in extreme wet conditions as it has some great features that can repel water efficiently. With the comfortable design and textured outsole, this pair of boot offers the best in class support and stability.

Key Features

  • It is 100% waterproof in nature and can keep your feet completely dry even in dirty and wet conditions
  • Comes with BAY-LOC outsole for absorbing energy
  • Made up of high-quality material which offers great durability
  • Comes with a pull-table for easier on and off
  • Designed for best comfort and fit which is perfect for everyday use

Buying Guide: Boots Under 15 Dollars

When you are buying a cheaper boot for your use, there are certain things that you have to look for. There are certain important factors that you cannot compromise and these are:

  • Material: Of course, you have to choose a material which is durable and comfortable. It may or may not be waterproof in nature. It depends more on the needs. But the material has to be robust and sturdy.
  • Lightweight: When you are buying a cheaper boot, make sure it is not heavy. Heavy boots can make your feet more tired than usual. A lightweight boot keeps your feet happy.
  • Comfort: Another important factor to look for is the comfort. A breathable boot with padded or soft lining is ideal. It can help your feet to remain comfortable. It can also help you to keep it on for a longer time.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Are Slip On Work Boots Bad For Your Feet?

Slip-on boots are not necessarily bad for your feet if you get a pair that fit your feet correctly. There is a stigma that slip-on work boots can be bad for your feet as slip-on shoes overall tend to not fit specific parts of your feet, for example, the arc of your feet.

You can, however, avoid this issue by ensuring that your feet fit the boots correctly before you buy and you can also purchase additional insoles to help with the issue.

How Do I Get My Boots To Stop Smelling?

There are a variety of different methods that you can use in order to either prevent your boots from smelling or to help get rid of the smell when they do.

  • Buy work boots that have good ventilation – There are many boots on the market that are designed to allow air to circulate freely whilst you are working. This will lessen your chances of getting sweaty feet throughout the day.
  • Avoid cotton socks – Purchasing socks that are specifically designed to be worn in work boots will lessen the chance of your feet smelling as cotton socks soak up moisture and smell as the day wears on.
  • Use baking soda after a long day of work – Sprinkling baking soda into your boots before you go to sleep will help neutralize any unpleasant smells that are coming from your boots.
  • Purchase odor reducing insoles – There are plenty of odor reducing insoles available on the market that will reduce any unpleasant smells coming from your boots, they will also add extra comfort.

Can I Put Boots In The Washing Machine?

There is not a simple yes or no answer whether you can put your boots in the washing machine. While it is not advised to put any shoes made of leather in the washing machine, as it will damage the integrity of the material, you can put some fabric made boots in the washing machine.

Some boots will be labeled as being able to be cleaned by the washing machine, although it is not advised to do so regularly. Washing your boots in the washing machine can damage the glue and materials that keep your shoes together, so only clean your boots using this method in dire circumstances.

Why are rigger boots banned?

The rigger boots are banned from the construction sites and chemical factories as they come with a looser fit. Thus, a person wearing a pair of rigger boots has a chance of twisting their feet to the sides if the ground is uneven. This can result in loosing balance and causing injuries.

How Do You Disinfect Work Boots?

Your work boots can come into contact with a variety of different substances and you may wish to disinfect them to keep yourself and your boots fully clean. You can disinfect the inside of your boots by mixing half a cup of water with half a cup of alcohol and spray the inside of your boots.

Leave the boots overnight and they will be fully dry for the next day. Whereas the outside of your boots can be simply disinfected using soap (that kills bacteria) and hot water, you may feel more comfortable wearing rubber gloves as you do this.

Can I Wash Leather Boots?

Purchasing a pair of leather boots can be quite a financial investment, but if you clean them using the correct method, they will withstand the test of time. As stated above, you should not put your leather boots in a washing machine as it can cause the material to be damaged and sometimes break up. You can, however, wash your boots in warm soapy water.

You may wish to brush any large chunks of dirt off of your boots before you wash them. After you have cleaned them, be sure to towel off any excess water and leave to dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Be careful to choose when you clean your leather boots as they can take up to 48 hours dry.


From these boots reviews, it is quite evident that you can pick one of these cheap boots under $15 for your everyday or casual wear. These boots are not only made up of good quality material and provide comfort but they are extremely affordable. Choose one and buy now!

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