The Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet of 2023

Motorcycle Helmets are mandatory for bikers. There are a lot of helmets available in the market with different type of colors but matt black color always looks great. Helmets, when properly used can be lifesavers in case of a terrible accident. Helmets are an extra layer added on top of your head and it protects the wearer from serious injuries in case of an accident.

It reduces the repercussions of a collision. The head is after all the most important part of the human body. Today we’ll review six awesome best matte black motorcycle helmet with safest features.

Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet on the Market

#1. MATT Black Motorcycle Helmet Tinted Visor-1Storm

Manufactured by Power Gear Motorsports, the helmet features an adorable matt black finish. The helmet is DOT certified and complies with all safety norms. The best thing about this helmet is its ultralight weight feature. This helmet is well cushioned and gives the wearer a comfortable feel. It is washable and reusable.

The helmet features an attractive glossy finish. The ventilation control in this helmet allows less particle dispersion and contamination. The helmet comes with a ventilation control at the top and position controls.

Key Features

  • Adorable looks with a super black matt finish
  • DOT certified & Super light-weight
  • Heavily cushioned for a comfortable wear
  • Ventilation features
  • 3-top ventilation controls
  • 5-position ventilation controls
  • tinted visor, glossy finish
  • easy to maintain
  • Washable and reusable.

#2. Graffiti Cross MATT Black Motorcycle Helmets DOT approved-Triangle

This Matte Black helmet from Triangle is one of the best in the segment. The full-face helmet is value for money and comes with charming features. Weighing at 2.7 pounds, the helmet is easy to wear and comfortable for the rider.

The helmet is approved by DOT and follows all safety standards. The shell is made of ABS combined with thermoplastic technology. The helmet also boasts proper ventilation. It has liners on the top and rear ends. An EPS liner of multi-density is an added attraction.

Key Features

  • Light-weight and comfortable to wear
  • Value for money
  • ABS shell, Advanced thermoplastic technology
  • Ventilation features
  • EPS liner of multi-density, DOT certified
  • Liners on top and rear ends
  • Lovable looks with Matte Black finish

#3. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Black with DOT LED- ILM-Dual Visor

A great product from ILM motorcycle, this full-face black helmet comes with a DOT LED. The product also comes with an adjustable strap. The helmet has a sleek design and is lightweight. This design brings added advantage to the wearer by reducing the noise. The product complies with the safety standards of ODT.

The helmet comes with a flip-up Visor that is scratch-resistant, fog-resistant, and that offers a wide and clear view. The LED present in this helmet can also flash at various speeds based on the wearer’s preference. A control button is included to access the LED functions.

Key Features

  • Full face cover & Adjustable strap
  • Flip-up Visor, LED
  • Easy access of LED with control button
  • Light-weight, Sleek design
  • Reduced noise & Safe to use
  • Scratch and fog-resistant
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Value for money

#4. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Matt Helmets

The bell black helmet is Unisex and weighs 4.85 pounds. The glossy look makes it look fashionable. The Helmet comes with a twin shield and is an in-built feature. It also has a Sun shield to guard your eyes. The Sun shield can be easily operated.

It flips down easily and retracts with the switch’s flip. An adjustable chin strap that makes it easy to fit and easy to remove, makes it stay intact. The fabric liner in this helmet can be reused and can be washed easily. It comes with a long oval fit.

Key Features

  • Beautiful oval fit
  • Sun shield that flips and retracts
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Removable fabric liner, Easy to wash liner
  • Twin shield feature, DOT certified
  • The chic look and adorable finish
  • Unisex, Comfortable to wear
  • Exceeds the DOT expectations of safety standards

#5. Rapid Street Motorcycle Helmet Full Face LS2- Matte Black

The helmet comes with a polycarbonate outer covering. The design comes with a Matte black finish. It comes with two shells and is comfortable for the wearer. It is one of the lightest full face motorcycle helmets. The safety standards are rightly followed and are DOT approved. The helmet has a quick-release chin strap that makes it comfortable to wear. It is well-cushioned and easy to wear. The padding is plush and can be easily removed and washed. The padding is hypoallergenic.

Key Features

  • Light-weight and comfortable to wear
  • Plush padding & Washable padding
  • Hypoallergenic
  • DOT approved, Two shells
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • A retractable, flip-up Sun shield

#6. Booster Skull MATT Black Motorcycle Helmet 1Storm

The booster Skull helmet is perfect for Sport Bike riders. This helmet comes with a captivating matte black finish. The helmet is super lightweight and makes it to the comfortable wear segment. The helmet is made with an alloy shell and is durable.

The heavily cushioned and restful interiors make the helmet one of the most sought-after in the full-face helmet segment. It also comes with ventilation features. It has ventilation controls on top and in certain positions.

Key Features

  • Featherlight and easy to wear
  • Heavily cushioned interiors
  • Alloy shell with aerodynamic thermoplastic
  • Ventilation features
  • 3-level control ventilation at the top and 5-level at positions
  • UV protective Sunshield with a glossy texture.
  • Approved by DOT

Buying Guide: MATT Black Motorcycle Helmets

The black motorcycle helmets can be easily procured online. They are easy to buy and the features can be easily compared. The helmets you buy should follow the safety standards and should be approved by DOT.

The helmet must be comfortable to wear and should be well-cushioned. The helmet should also have Sun shields to protect your eyes.

While buying a black motorbike helmet it is imperative to choose the helmet style. Also, determine the shape and size of your head. Make sure you try the helmet to see if it sits comfortably. Wear the helmet for adequate time to ensure it is comfortable to wear. You can also take a ride to see if it’s nice to wear.

Are black full-face helmets safer than black half helmets?

Full-faced helmets offer better safety on roads than half helmets. These black full-faced helmets are tried and tested. Black Full-faced helmets come with a bag of advantages compared to other helmets.

They offer the best protection for the head and neck. It is also effective against dust, insects, or flying stones. It keeps you warm during cold weather. The helmet doesn’t get detached easily as compared to other helmets.


Helmets, today come in various sizes, colors and designs. They also come with a blend of the latest technology and high-quality core material. Matt Black Helmet are looks stylish, they come in fashionable choices and are trendy looking while on the bike. The matt black full-faced helmets also come in affordable price ranges.

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