Best Game Camera Under $50 with WIFI of 2021

There is a number of things to consider when looking to buy a cheap yet effective wifi game camera. It has to suit the outdoor activities like scouting and hunting you are planning for. An ideal trail camera should be easy to use. Do consider the screen resolution, waterproof level and battery life as well. It can get confusing with so many options, thus next some of the good cheap game cameras have been reviewed for you.

Top 6 Best Game Camera Under $50 Reviews

1. Campark Game Camera 16MP and 1080P full HD

It is great for wildlife and farm monitoring, hunting and home security. The trail camera takes crystal clear pictures with 16MP and offers 1080P full HD videos. With 3 passive infrared sensor it will capture amazing sights with lower power consumption. You are also getting 42pcs infrared LEDs (upgraded) which makes it perfect for night time as well. With 3 high-sensitive sensors, the camera will trigger immediately in 0.3s. As soon as an animal enter the detecting range, the camera will do its work.

Important Features:

  • 850nm infrared technology helps to get super clear night vision feature.
  • The trigger distance is up to 65ft or 20m.
  • It happens to be waterproof as well.
  • It is easy to mount and operate.
  • The camera is equipped with 120-degree detecting range recording animal movements with wide angle lens.

2. Meidase Pro Trail Camera 120-degree detection angle

It is perfect for various activities like security surveillance, scouting and deer hunting. The unique image sensor along with smart infrared illumination technology can take clear picture even at night time. You are also be able to record videos at 1080p HD with 30fps. It has keypads making it a UI user-friendly design that allow easy programming and operation. It will be triggered in just 0.2s once an animal comes into the detecting range which is around 82ft.

Important Feature:

  • It comes with a high-sensitive microphone that can record clear sound.
  • Enjoy direct playback videos and photos on 2.4inch LCD colored screen.
  • It provides 120-degree detection angle.
  • It comes with a 16MP camera that takes clear pictures.
  • This easy to use trail camera is IP66 waterproof.

3. Stealth Cam Trail Game Camera 100-foot visibility Range

The optical sensor size happens to be 12MP while the video capture resolution is 480p making it perfect for hunting and scouting. It comes with a rapid-fire burst mode that can take around 9 pictures after it has been triggered. The reflex trigger is around 0.5s which is quite impressive. You are also getting retina low-light sensitivity and new intuitive backlit menu programming. One of the best cheap trail cameras that comes with multi-zone detection.

Important Features:

  • It comes with a 100-foot visibility range even in dark.
  • It has 42 no glow black IR emitters making it perfect for night time.
  • The display size is around 1-inch.
  • It comes with manual shot capability along with a secure lock password protection.
  • Enjoy superior low-light performance.

4. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 12MP and HD 720P

Enjoy all season scouting with one-year battery life. It comes with a field scan 2x, this time-lapse technology takes image automatically at preset intervals of 1min to 1hour that too within the hours of your choice. As two time slots are available, you are able to monitor both dawn and dusk movement. The unique thing about this good cheap trail cameras is its simultaneous live trigger that will still take photos of anything that walks into the detection range.

Important Features:

  • It comes with hyper night vision that can take sharpest after-dark photos.
  • Images with be automatically stamped with date/day, temp and even moon phase that was at the time of capture.
  • It comes with 0.3s trigger speed and can take 1-3 photos each trigger.
  • Enjoy photos taken with 12MP and HD 720P videos with audio.
  • It has night/day auto sensor that comes with an adjustable PIR.

5. Tovendor Game Camera 2.4inch LCD color monitor

They are great as both outdoor and indoor trail camera, and can be used for farm monitoring, home security and wildlife hunting. With this one, you are getting 16MP full color high-quality image along with full HD 1080P videos with good sound recording feature. It has 26pcs of low glow infrared LEDs (850nm). Along with 3 passive infrared sensors, you are also getting large 120degree detection angle which increases its sensitivity.

Important Features:

  • It comes with a 2.4inch LCD color monitor.
  • The trigger speed is around 0.2s which is quite impressive.
  • The trigger range is around 65ft or 20m.
  • It has a IP66 water resistant high-quality tailor-made housing that protects the camera from sand, dirt, dust and moisture.
  • The battery is quite long lasting.

6. Campark Mini Trail Game Camera 1080P video recording capability

It is made for garden observation, home security, wildlife monitoring and hunting. You are getting 16MP resolution and 1080P video recording capability with this one. It is perfect for both day and night time image capturing. The trigger speed is 0.5s and it is equipped with 850nm infrared LEDs and 120degree wide angle. The trigger range is around 20m or 65ft which is also impressive. The protective case is IP56 waterproof that can withstand dust and rain easily.

Important Features:

  • It comes with auto-focus.
  • The LCD color monitor is 2inch.
  • It is 70x105x40mm in dimension making it portable and thinner than other trail cameras in this list of cheap trail cameras review.
  • It is IP56 waterproof making it perfect for all weather types.
  • The threaded tripod and mounting belt make mounting the camera easy.

Do Trail Cameras Flash at Night?

No glow Trail cameras are known for not producing any visible light when taking photos at night time. However, they traditionally do not take as good of picture during night time. For this reason, most people opt for low glow trail cameras that comes with infrared flash camera. This type of cameras traditionally produces a visible red glow that comes from the infrared emitters taking the photo at night.

Buying Guide: Game Camera Under 50 Dollars

These are some of the major factors and features that you need to look out for when choosing best cheap trail cameras:

  • Waterproof Level:

As they are generally used for different outdoor activities, they should be waterproof. It needs to be P65 to IP66 waterproof to ensure long-term and excellent service.

  • Resolution:

For best quality videos and imagery, you need to check out the resolution level of the trail camera. For the clearest outcome consider buying cameras that offers 10-16MP and 720-1080P HD video quality.

  • Night vision and sensitivity:

Do check the sensitivity of the camera when buying it. It needs to have a high trigger level (0.2 to 0.5s) as only then you can get better and improved connectivity. Check out the night vision capability of the camera to ensure it can provide a non-grainy result. Besides, you also need to consider the ease of use, built, and versatility of the trail camera as well.


The above-mentioned wifi game cameras are some of the best game camera under $50 of 2021. Hopefully, this review along with the buying guide has been able to help you out a bit. It is highly recommended that you research well about them, and you will surely be able to select the perfect one for you and your needs.

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