[TOP 6] Best Cheap Cowgirl Boots Under $50

Many people think that cowgirl boots are expensive. But, this is exactly the opposite in today’s market. Because competition is keeping the price of quality cowgirl boots at reasonable prices. Some women prefer to wear a specific style, whereas someone might go for the material. And, to help you out, here are some of the best cheap cowgirl boots under 50 that might suit your needs.

Best Cheap Cowgirl Boots Under $50 Reviews of 2021

#1. Soda Cowgirl Boot For Girls Toe Knee High

Soda is the most comfortable cowgirl boots. This boot has a good reputation and in these particular cowgirl boots, they delivered a modern style along with a comfortable design that boosts your confidence instantly. They took the classic design and updated it with embroidered stitches alongside a light padded insole. As such, it sets itself apart from the other cowgirl shoes. Whether you plan to wear the boots for costume parties or everyday use, you are covered. Choose from a variety of colors.

Important features:

  • The embroidered stitch and pointed toe makes the boot gorgeous
  • Choose from a variety of color and print
  • All-season cowgirl boots for comfortable wear
  • One of the best cowgirl shoes suitable for everyday use
  • The 2-inch heel gives a formal look

#2. Canyon Trials Embroidered Classic Cowgirl Boot Under $50

These cowgirl boots for girls by Canyon Trails have a classic look with a twist, which is they have a wide shaft opening. A wide shaft is an ultimate choice for women with big calves while they might appear bulky for others. The round toe of the boot looks comfortable and works great with a pair of jeans, or other dress. They are comfortable to wear when riding, walking, and even dancing.

Important features:

  • Classic cowgirl design that goes well with almost every outfit
  • Long-lasting women boots under $50
  • Easy pull on and off tabs makes it user-friendly
  • Rubber sole that grips your feet even on a slippery surface
  • Feel comfortable while you walk, jump, or dance

#3. Ellie Western Cowgirl Boots For Womens

True to the real cowboy attire, the Ellie cowgirl shoes are affordable and stylish footwear. These cheap cowgirl boots for womens are an addition to your outfit and give you comfort throughout the day. With two-color to choose from, these cowgirl boots add to your wardrobe. These boots have a standard 4-inch heel. With that height, you won’t find trouble while walking. Also, they are good enough for horseback riding.

Important features:

  • Thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship gives the boot a classic look
  • Comfortable 4-inch heel for all-day wearing
  • Formal elegance with a hint of casual fun
  • The versatile design makes it comfortable while horse riding for long hours
  • Black and brown color

#4. Roper Western Cowgirl Women’s Boots Under 50

The Roper cowgirl boots come with a classic style and plush material. And, when it comes to delivering comfort, very few cowgirl boots can match up with this one. The simple and clean design of this western cowgirl boot makes it perfect to wear with any kind of outfit regardless of the occasion. It has a soft cushioning inside so that the shoe can keep your feet in a good position.

Important features:

  • Synthetic 8.5-inch shaft height made with ostrich leather print
  • Inner cushions provide Good posture and reduce fatigue
  • Durable and robust runner sole for maximum wear resistance
  • Comfortable round toe and pull tabs move your foot without hurdles all day long
  • Zero break-in time

#5. Cape Robbin Western Cowgirl Boots for Women

Once designed for chasing cattle, these boots have now become a fashion symbol for people who like to express themselves. And, these cowgirl boots by Cape Robbin are the right choice. Almost every woman has a pair of cowgirl shoes in their wardrobe. Beautifully studded with Rhinestone detail, these western cowgirl boots are a fashion statement when it comes to a gorgeous look. You can wear this versatile boot with different outfits.

Important features:

  • Durable enough to withstand many years of constant use
  • Lined shaft and cushioned insole make it comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Stiletto heels give the boot a retro look
  • With a soft exterior, put your feet and you are ready to go

#6. J. Adams Cowgirl Low Heel Western Boot For Girls

These cowgirl shoes by J. Adams not only provide you with a classic design that goes well with your outfits, but it is also available in a variety of color schemes for you to choose from. These Lasso cowgirl shoes have a 1.5-inch heel that fits well into the user without discomfort. The boot has an 11-inch wide shaft for your foot to breathe and the pull tabs for an easy in and out.

Important features:

  • Moisture-wicking and a soft padded footbed for extreme comfort
  • With easy pull tabs, getting them on or off is a breeze
  • The embroidery and stitch patterns add visual interest
  • The outer sole is slip-resistant
  • The exterior is 100% is synthetic, vegan materials

Are cowgirl boots waterproof?

Cowgirl boots are not waterproof, they are water-resistant. While some manufacturers claim their products to be waterproof, technically, they are water-resistant. These boots can hold up well for brief walks while it’s raining. But they can’t withstand heavy downpouring. Excessive moisture can damage the exterior. So, take care of it.

Buying Guide: Cowgirl Boots Under 50 Dollars

A good cowgirl boot needs to be flexible and gives comfort where your foot goes. If the ball of your feet doesn’t fit the shoe, your toes might get hurt. The boot should have enough cushion, but not that much. That’s because the shoe needs to withstand walking and riding.

Also, your foot should feel close-fitting for your heel. Your feet should slip into the new shoe with ease. After the boot develops cracks on it, the material becomes soft and provides comfort to your feet.

Moreover, make sure the ball fits smoothly on the widest part of your shoe. Nobody likes to have squashed toes. While picking up the right size, add another half size to your feet because of the socks.


Keep in mind that your feet deserve only the best cheap cowgirl boots for activities such as walking, horse riding, and even dancing. It’s high time that you should consider a great boot and get rid of the uncomfortable ones if you have them in your possession. All the boots mentioned above have classic styling and are available in different colors for you.

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