Best Ski Helmet of 2023

Wearing a ski helmet is necessary for the skiers and snowboarders regardless of the level of their experience in this regard. You can find various types of ski helmets in the market. If you are a professional skier then you must opt for a high-end ski helmet but if you are a casual skier or want to change your existing ski helmet with a new one then it will be better to choose from the lately designed ski helmets.

They can be safe, lightweight, and more affordable. Here you will find the best budget ski helmet for touring, which we present to you after a lot of research.

Our Top Pick – Lightweight Ski Helmets

Though you can find a wide variety of Skier Helmet in the market, but finding the best one is not easy unless you are familiar with some of them. Although the buying tips provided in this article can also help you in this regard still a few budget ski helmets are reviewed here under for your guidance.

The Best Budget Ski Helmet

#1. Adult Holt Snow Sports Smith Budget Ski Helmet

Smith Ski Helmet

Smith Ski Helmet: It is one of the best affordable ski helmets in all respect. It’s bombshell construction has provided toughness to this smith ski helmet for all types of seasons so that you can wear it comfortably while skiing in the countryside or in the park.

This package includes goggles along with the helmet to use them together. The AirEvac ventilation system provided in this helmet is one of its most important features.

The thermal welding process used in this helmet allows it to absorb the energy consistently and make it extremely efficient. In case of any impact, it will slow down the energy of the impact and reduce the level of trauma in a very controlled manner.

To make it the best in its class thousands of tubes extruded from co-polymer have been welded together thermally. It has been made fully breathable by including the open cell construction in it and providing ventilation with Aerocore construction.

Key Features

  • Climate controlled airflow
  • Bombshell construction
  • Useable in all-seasons
  • 14 vents
  • Bombshell ear pads
  • Self-adjusting fit system
  • Removable goggle lock
  • AirEvac ventilation system

#2. OutdoorMaster KELVIN Budget Ski Helmet

Kelvin Ski Helmet

Kelvin Ski Helmet: It is one of the most comfortable and safest budget kelvin ski helmets as it is equipped with an AST certified safety system. It is available in 9 color variants to choose from as per your preferences.

It can be washed easily after removing its inner fleece lining and ear pads. Its size can be adjusted easily to fit your head perfectly. It includes 14 vents to make you feel comfortable in all seasons.

Key Features

  • Certified safety features
  • Different color options
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable size
  • Best ventilation

#3. Nine MIPS Snow Touring Giro Budget Ski Helmet

Giro Ski Helmet

Giro Ski Helmet: This ski helmet is popular among skiers for many years due to its timeless style. The MIPS system used in it has made it more useful for the skiers.

Its streamlined design and low profile have made it a lightweight helmet with a number of features like thermostat-controlled vents and custom tuning of its in-form fitting system.

Its outer shell is made from a tough polycarbonate with an impact-absorbing lining of foam. The ventilation system used in this helmet makes it cooler and lighter than other helmets in this class. It can be made custom fit in a few seconds with the help of an in-form fit system used in it. Its air vents can be controlled easily by its adjustable venting system.

Its vents can be closed in winters and opened in summers to keep you comfortable in all seasons. In order to avoid fogging on the goggles, a stack vent has been provided on the top of the goggle after long research.

Key Features

  • MIPS equipped in-mold construction,
  • Vertical Tuning
  • Fitted with In Form System
  • Stack Vents Super Cool Ventilation,
  • Thermostat control for adjustable venting
  • Seamlessly compatible with all goggles from Giro

How To Choosing The Best Budget Ski Helmet

While buying the best ski helmets you will have to consider a few factors like:


While searching for the ski helmets your main focus should also be on their proper fitting along with their price. Ski helmets are made in different sizes to fit on the heads of different sizes.

So they should be fully adjustable so that one can wear them for a long time without feeling tight.

Size and weight:

You should also focus on the size and weight of the helmet while buying the best one for skiing. Different types of ski helmets are manufactured in different styles and designs.

So there will be differences in their size and weight also. Therefore you should choose one that suits you in weight and size both.


Different types of materials are used by different companies to manufacture budget ski helmets. The helmet you choose should be long-lasting and strong in construction.


The skiers have to wear their helmet for a long time while skiing. So it must have enough ventilation so that you may not overheat and sweat excessively as well as keep you warm even in the winter sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Which ski helmet will be the right for me when the size of my head is 58.5 cm, large or medium?

Ans: Medium size helmets are suitable for 55-59 cm and large for 59-63 cm. So, a medium- size helmet will be the right one for you.

Q2# Which ski helmet size will be right for me when the size of my hat is 7 ?

Ans: The size of helmets is measured in cm instead of inches. So for hat size 7 inch a helmet with 58-60 cm will be the right one.


After going through the buyer’s guide and reviews of some of the best budget ski helmet provided in this article, one can easily buy the most suitable for him and his loved ones.

While buying a ski helmet you should focus on all the points to buy a good budget ski helmet along with their prices. The best ski helmet you buy should also keep you safe and comfortable throughout the time you wear it.

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